At what point did I see the potential of Steem?

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At what point did you see the potential of Steem?
What kind of content do you consume on average?
Asked by @tarazkp -
The order for me:
Developer (BUIDLer)

Proof of Brain on Steem.

The new PoB is geared to showcase the best of Steem. PoB was never meant to be something where everyone got to self upvote their post because they think their content is good. This leads to shit content discovery because by nature everyone is the basis when it comes to the things they create.

There is no one size fits all. If you try to please everyone you end up truly pleasing no one. That was what was wrong with the old PoB, everyone was getting pleased, but no one, (except reward pool abusers) actually felt please, more of just acceptance of the status quo.

Content that does not earn a lot of Steem is either the free market speaking or what we call an undervalued gem.
In old Steem, it didnt really matter what you voted on, but now with 50/50 curation, competition for upvotes will be more fierce than ever. I look at New Steem as having the highest potential to receive a massive payout, but that will come will fewer lower-paid out post. This just means you will need to put in more effort if your goal is to make money.

The problem is assuming anyone "deserves" anything. I've followed channels on YouTube that put in incredible effort and they have less than 1k followers and have made zero money from their efforts. Other the other hand there is a girl that plays games selling her bathwater and making thousands of dollars off it.

Posting on a site like Quora or Medium and most people would be lucky to even get one free upvote. We take things for granted on Steem and if you look at this platform as a way to make money, you prob won't make much.

For instance, it took me almost 3 days, maybe 4 hours total to write this and make it look all pretty. - I got 3 upvotes and 303 views, zero dollars. I am a Top Writer on Quora, been producing long-form content on there for over 3 years. I don't expect anything when I post, I hit the post and I move to the next. If I made content for the money, I'd quit along time ago.

Competition in the world is fierce, I am being brutally honest, but most content isn't going to go "viral" and most likely want to get a ton of rewards. The uncomfortable truth for many is we are fish in a small pond ATM, and as that pond grows, curation efforts will have many options to choose. More competition means fewer chances at any one person getting rewarded. The opportunity cost has the potential to be amazing, however. What goes viral, if you really research, will lead to something you don't understand.

This is an example of a post that packed so much value I felt the need to upvote it.
We will all miss "valuable" content, what the new PoB offers, IMO, is the potential for content to skyrocket in value via the free market choosing what the wisdom of the crowd maybe.

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Firstly, thanks for the mention and support, it is always appreciated.

I agree that PoB is going to be a brilliant mechanism and as the diversity of interest and tokens spread, it becomes increasingly precise as those with experience and search for what they enjoy the most.

While this last HF (and 22) focused on the economics, the really exciting one is going to be with communities, SMTs and delegation pools as they are all about building user experience for consumer and contributor, engagement and sensitive earning. The potential to become very dynamic quickly is high.

A lot in store for the community and good times ahead.

This hardfork stopped the bleeding and put fresh cement over the holes. The next HF will be to bring in the “masses”. Light accounts, SMTs, RV delegation all accomplish easier on boarding. Communities will be rolled out gradually, and by this time next year we won’t even recognize this place. Cheers for the questions.

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@theycallmedan, I have Open Mind towards all content and explore different subjects because i try to find the value in all because all have something valuable to contribute. But most importantly i explore Creativity Niche because it refreshes our Thought Process.

Steem is a space which will inspire many because it's appreciating the little or bigger efforts and giving them a space where they are getting opportunity to merge with like minded individuals and circles and most importantly efforts are rewarded which is lacking in this world. Stay blessed brother.

Hey Dan,

thanks for sharing. Steem is one of the most underrated cryptos out there! I am promoting Steem everyday on my Youtube channel and believe Steem has a tremendous potential...



You are doing great work Dennis, esp for the German community, cheers!

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I think SMT's are the true value in this new fork. People will always find ways to game the system and tilt things in their favor, but creating different niche communities that can all use steem as the basic chain has immense possibility for mass adoption. Not everyone is into writing blogs, but with mass tokenization model everyone can find something they are interested in on this blockchain, contribute and be rewarded

Happening already through SCOTs. Will be interesting when SMTs launch and then there's two different protocol standards for STEEM-based tokens.

I’m still shocked that the crypto world doesn’t know that Steem has so many functions. Most still think it’s just steemit (a blogging site)! 🤦🏼‍♂️😎

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People don't even know about game-changing Steem projects like Steem-Engine and Steem Keychain. Will be interesting to see what happens as they find out.

I love Steem Keychain & Steem-Engine. 😀👏

I was also a top writer on Quora and completely agree on the sentiment.

People think they can just show up and post a lot of content, or that they can transfer over their entire audience from a different platform.

Half of the work is making the content. The other half is marketing it.

Meanwhile, the bigs are actually tagging with "sh%tpost" and getting upvoted by their friends to sky high values.

I'm still posting my 40+ posts a week on three blogs, 300+ comments a week and reviewing dApps, posting minnow tips and the like. As long as I can do it, I will do it.

A few people have reached out to help me and hopefully more will. I have a lot more autovoters, but of course, way less rewards because of the non-linear thingy. Fun times in the bottom of the lake.

Yeah that's unfortunate, but at least it is an issue that plagues every social media, not just Steem. That means that Steem isn't necessarily doomed to fail.

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As for me I see the potential of Steem to be a part of the future for tomorrow at the highest peak for great investment and awesome investors to get involved quickly

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I think valuable content does not have a future here. Now newbies are demotivated to post quality content because they dont earn anything because whales just upvote each other with their shitposts. Its all about earning money which I get. The only reason I’m still here is because I invested money. Right now the best way is to auto upvote whales.

Curious, where would creators go to earn money other then Steem? I’ve posted content everywhere, and I earn few dollars outside of Steem. YouTube + Quora for over 3 years and I earned pennies in comparison.

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The amount of money you earn here when you're a minnow is far to low to keep posting quality posts. Unless you're being noticed which is still a long shot. That's the main reason why so many left/are leaving.

I think we really need to ask the question: Why would a newbie join Steem?
Earn good money? Probably not without an investment.
To have fun? There are more than enough social media platforms for that.
No censorship? Maybe. Unless you get destroyed by a much bigger account that does not take criticism.

Dont get me wrong. I do think Steem has potential. Its just damn difficult to find a good balance.

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In this World most people would like to see in most cases in business side is getting richer overnight or being appreciated with more fame within some few minutes, without considering long term projections. This post is really polished that advises us a lot, especially those who wish to create invaluable contents and being recognise within a short time.

Yes this EIP is already doing lots of good. I'm very happy about that because I was (and always will be) skeptic about predicting how complex markets will behave after big changes, it's very hard to do.

The true test lies in time.. A lot of problems will be found a year from now, that's a certainty. But at least we are certain that it's an improvement over HF20.

Well said. On paper it made more sense, and after a few days I see the blueprints doing what they were intended to do. This place is still run by humans and it is up to us to make the changes with our new found power. I can say free downvotes were a absolute homerun so far from the feedback I am getting from users.

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You guys just wrecked steem..

Your "newsteem" propaganda isnt working. Less rewards for users -> less rewards for users.

And no the rewards are not going to get higher cuz new people join and invest and the price is going higher.

Who the hell would wanna invest in such a place with these fundamental flaws? Steem is not decentralized and as we've seen it can be easily thrown against a wall by just a few people.. (few bullies are enough to game the system; few people with big stakes are enough to tell the witnesses which code they should upgrade to)

Have a nice day.

Steem - for me this is 2 in 1. this is both a blog and work

@theycallmedan I'm bullish on steem long term, over the years with all that's gone on, I have been positive and promoted goodwill between users of all levels and abilities. But sometimes I need a little motivation myself and you always tend to provide it. Nice one 😁

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I'm full of lots of ideas and willingness to work. But I still have to reflect and focus on where to put my best effort to be efficient with me and the platform at the same time.

I don't know if my body can wait for any good changes @theycallmedan so I have no choice but to wait. anyway the value of a post is subjective but our common sense will tell us if the post is just spam or a creative content.

I believe in miracles. and just don’t notice the bad here. for me, Steem remains a creative project

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