Giving a Try to Kucoin Exchange

in trading •  10 months ago 


Kucoin is an Exchange where you can Buy/Sell Bitcoin and Altcoins, like Ethereum or Monero.

I've made very good profits using the pair NEO/GAS. 20% per day sometimes. ETH/XMR is very good, also.
Scan this QR CODE to visit the exchange registration page.

I would definitely can recommend you to give it a try. Any question do not hesitate to ask! 😎


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i tried but then gave up

I think you are jumping the gun a bit. Normally people do not rush to register just because they are told about a crypto exchnge. Actually, as many of us are fairly ignorant, we need a lot of questions asked for us to reach the comfort zone of taking action.

Here is a link to a site that gives a basic explanation - for those who like me need it.

btw - @xmauron3 - are you involved in the crypto market (in the coding sense, not in trading, which you have already mentioned).

I’m a lawyer who’s focusing on the solutions to our bureaucratic system.
I dream of a world automated by smart contracts and public data auditable by the population 24/7.

Regarding Kucoin, I just made this image for fun, no big deal. Sometimes people could have heard about it before, and I’m showing them that I trust Kucoin :) thanks for commenting my friend.

I had to look for a different solution, because you said I should scan and use the image...and I do not have a clue how to do so.

Your dream is a big one, really big - it is like wanting to rid the world of cockroaches :)

I feel more inspired after your comment :)
QR code scanners can be used to scan that image. iPhones can scan automatically when you point the camera. Thought androids could as well .

So, people who use their desktop pc, like me, would have to buy a separate piece of equipment. Good to know, thanks - and I wish you all the best.

I’m not worried about that buddy. Kucoin can be found on google. What’s up ? You don’t have a smartphone ?

At least you got google. Cmon don’t be silly.... we’re finishing our decade in a couple of weeks. All the best to you too my friend.

And yeah, despite of the “free advertisement” I can earn referral commission doing that, so everyone wins 😇

  ·  10 months ago (edited)

I've been using KuCoin for years. Never had any problems with them. I'm sure you'll like it. Very similar to binance.

I like their KCS token as well. You earn a portion of their profits every day by holding the token.

Thanks for the follow btw. Returned the favor. ☺️