LEO Tokenomics

The Most Frustrating Question Multifamily Real Estate Investors Ask Themselves

Have you ever thought, "why don't I have the passive income I desire?" The Truth If you have been involved in multifamily real estate…

Is it worth holding LBI tokens?

Hello LBIers, today we take a suggestion from one are investors who asked last week what is the difference in APY between LEO and LBI and…

LeoFinance UI Update: Drafts Never Die

In the not-so-distant past, we added an advanced drafts mechanism to This allows users to auto-save any post they're writing on…

Introducing the LeoFinance WhiteBook Version 1.0 | Our Vision, Mission and Expansion as a Web3 Platform

My Important Preface Nobody has seen this whitebook yet. It's been a draft for over a year now and has continually changed shapes and…

How To Arbitrage and Accumulate More Leo Tokens?

source I don't know how many people may have been looking for ways to accumulate more Leo To

Web 3.0 Will Be Bigger Than People Think

We hear a lot of buzzwords tossed around to the point where they mean nothing. It is something we see with the word Metaverse and now…

Web3 parallels - Web3 simply offers users a choice

Direct from the desk of Dane Williams. When it comes to Web3, centralised and decentralised ecosystems will c

The Value Of Comments: Big Upvotes

We are going to keep beating the dead horse until it rises to life. However, now we have some evidence of what is possible. For months…

Why cryptocurrency is so revolutionary in ten minutes

Why cryptocurrency is so revolutionary in ten minutes. Introduction: This post is a brief discussion of money versus currency, and…

I'll take HODL for 200 Alex. (HBD/BUSD)

This is what bear markets are for. What is buidling? So we got a nice bump from this bottom-out in the market recently. That's all…

Hive Punks - Enhanced Market History

A while ago I put the Hive Punks Market History update on hold due to Hive Engine not having complete information to faciliate it. Hive En

Look at What They Do, Not What They Say...

Bitcoin is closer to $40,000 than it is to $30,000, but that doesn't mean we're out of the woods yet, or that it can't "crash to $30k"…

Cold Turkey

I feel so weird right now... When I was a kid there were two schools of thought when it came to entering a freezing cold pool of water.…

What's your biggest money flex?

I think everyone has their biggest financial strong point. A lot of times these are things that have happened constantly with your life…

Home Grown Honey

I bought my first mobile phone back in 2002, that's two decades ago, it was a Nokia 3310, used but in good shape and at that time, wearing…

3 Reasons Why Hive May Fall In Love With ListNerds...

When we had the idea to build ListNerds on the blockchain and create a 'new way to do email marketing' we thought we knew who would…

The Absolute BEST Way To Get New Members To LeoFinance!

This post is all about GROWING our community with like minded people who WANT to learn from the strongest knowledge base of active crypto…

Back To Growing!

Growing Stronger Than Ever Before I think I'm sitting at approximately 10% of the LEO stake I've had in the past. So I'm 90% a

Regulations will push the crypto community off the edge

Living in a country puts you at the mercy of certain laws and rules. In the case of crypto hodlers, regulations by the government are…

Bitcoin Price Chart Looks Weak: 1/25/22 Analysis

This video clip is snagged from the crypto mastermind call I do on Tuesday nights. In that call we review many crypto charts and it all…

Why DEX is important in Hive Ecosystem ?

Those who are regular contributors on Hive may now be aware of the Hive-engine. It is a decentralized exchange where we sell our tokens…

Listnerds: Helping To Round Out Hive's Social Media Tools

Hive began as a blogging platform . This makes sense since it is keeping, at least, in part, with the evolution of social media in the…

Find A Growing Neighborhood And Move In

Sometimes it is best to find a good plot of land, build a house, and let everything fill in around us. This is something that I feel is…