LEO Tokenomics

(Re) Introducing the LionFund! This is my mission!

Sidenote This may be feel like a dejavu to some. And that's bec

2023: Year of the maximalist.

Fitting that 2021 would be the Chinese year of the "bull" (ox), as many of us are expecting these four-year cycles to play out in such a…

Uniswap Labs removing tokens: Good for decentralisation

A look at Uniswap’s decision to remove tokens from its front-end and

LeoFinance Weekly Stats 07/19/2021 to 07/25/2021

Welcome to the weekly edition of the LeoFinance stats report. This is a weekly report covering July 19 through July 25, 2021. If you…

My experience with BitClout after 24 hours

Yesterday I wrote my thoughts on BitClout and shared it on Twitter. I was mostly doing some research due to the rece

Web 3.0: A use case for centralized web.

Hey, let me guess, you moved from Steem, Hive or similar platforms to publish0x, Medium or theCapital? Or maybe, the other way round.…

Hedging Some of My Crypto Holdings on the Cheap

This is a very interesting market we are in right now. Has bitcoin and the crypto market in general found its bottom this year or will…

LEO Burn Post #3

Last 24 hours statistics In the last 24 hours, Burn Bot 9000 has burned 8.285 LEO, delegated 0.828 LEO to @meowcurator and sent 0.092…

CakeDeFi celebrates the Olympics - Get $50 in $DFI!

Hello HODLers, CakeDeFi has been around for a while now (since 2020) and many users might have been quite doubtful at the…

LEO Burn post 111 - Earn curation and help raise/stabilise the token price!

These posts burn both LEO and BHT tokens, 50% for each (100% liquid BHT) these have already burnt over 500 leo and that will rise! lets…

Introducing SEED

The Seed Token ($ SEED ), has just been created: The general token metrics have been released in my last post .

Bitcoin To $40k On Amazon Rumors!

Someone is buying the rumor because bitcoin is pumping hard, hopefully putting some much needed pep in the step of holders everywhere.…

Current Altcoin Season Index top performer: Axie Infinity Shard (AXS)

As we head into August 2021, the current top performer within the Altcoin Sea

LBI earnings and holding REPORT - #31


Could Splinterlands be my greatest investment yet?

Splinterlands is living the most thrilling times since its inception and it is hard to stay on the sidelines and not to get into the…

My thoughts about BitClout

I've been told a lot in the past I should check out BitClout. I have looked at it multiple times, but never really got into it. I did…

#91 How To Add Value To A Real Estate Deal With Raj Tekchandani

Getting Into Real Estate Was An Ac I talk to Raj Tekchandani where I wanted to know how he got into real estate in the first place. He…

Metaverse: Universal Avatars

This is a topic that is starting to get a bit of coverage. Whereas not long ago, the concept of the Metaverse was relegated to the…

Is something wrong with Andrei Jikh's crypto portfolio?

Crypto and stock trading are parallels that have existed in their sphere. The distinction between both exists for a multitude of reasons…

Creating A New Country Digitally

Creating a new country is not easy. Traditionally it was a very violent process. Wars were waged resulting the in victors able to claim…

Deceptive!!! Bitcoin hater Chase Bank now accept Bitcoin!

Video Guide: 00:00 Intro 00:47 Mac N Cheeasy intro 02:56 JPM gives retail clients access to #bitcoin 06:20 Mark Cuban wallet…

LEO Burn Post #2

Last 24 hours statistics In the last 24 hours, Burn Bot 9000 has burned 4.943 LEO, delegated 0.494 LEO to @meowcurator and sent 0.054…

What’s your biggest(s) regret with crypto?

The first that pops to my mind is not powering down and dumping all of my steem when prices were above 5 dollars! Silly me, I actually…