LEO Tokenomics

Everyone needs to know JavaScript

Automation is coming! Dey terk ur jerbs! All the jobs being created are unskilled labor jobs that pay near minimum wage. Fifty

Still making that income for my crypto bags

So it’s the middle of the week here in Southern California it is gloomy one of my favorite weather seasons I guess they are. I was looking…

Guess Who Just Dumped All His ERC-20 Tokens? All In On PRIVACY!

So, as many of you probably noticed, privacy has been one little c

Abundance Is Not All About Money

If you were to picture abundance, how would it be? In the biblical sense, where in the garden of Eden Adam and Eve had anything they…

$9.1 billion Gig revenue

I have been talking about gig work for some time now and what do you know? App-Based Delivery Services Provided $9.1 Billion!!!! That’s…

Let's talk a bit about Market Caps, Bubbles, and Trillions...

First off, if you aren't familiar with the term *'market capitalizatio

Last Night I Became a SEPTILLIONAIRE!!! (My Wallet Hit $1.18x10^22)

| [▶️ Watch on Odysee](

Apr 26 - May 2 massive gains, Project Utopis has a limited supply

What a crazy ass week last week it was last week was the week that I completely did full-time I managed to pull a massive 5

Showing off some newly bought Crypto Swag! Hemp backpack, books, shirts, and more... all bought with crypto!

Here's the things I picked up... at least what showed up today :-P HIGHLIGHT : New hemp backpack from [Datsusara](

Doge crashed during Elon's SNL episode. Who's not surprised?

Dogecoin is currently the 4th highest market cap crypto there is. After t

Venture Capitalism to be Antiquated

What is the purpose of venture capital? Making money is not easy. Making a lot of money is even harder. For the most part, in order to…