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🎥 Cryptocurrency Market Overview | 12.05.2021

Hello, dear Blockchain people! In this video, I analyzed in detail the price chart of Cardano (ADA/USD), by using Technical and…

🎥 Обзор Криптовалютного Рынкa | 12.05.2021

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Здравствуйте, дорогие зрители! Сегодня я проанализировал ценовой график Cardano (A

You did it Cardano, you little bastard!

Cardano aka the gift that keeps on giving. We started this trade at 1.06-1.20$ and we just reach the 2$ treshold. The charts are…

Using Daedalus as a Cardano Node for Minting Tokens

Learn how to leverage Daedalus Wallet as a Cardano Node to mint tokens and any other cardano-cli. Episode made possible by Project…

Cardano news. ADA face to face with DODECOIN

Today Cardano surpasses TetherUS and XRP, ranking 5th in the hierarchy of the largest cryptocurrencies by marketcap. It hit a new $ 1.78…

Cardano (ADA) hits a new ATH, surpassing $ 1.8 What is the next target?

While Bitcoin (BTC), which is the top cryptocurrency by market cap, has a great difficulty in exceeding $ 60,000, Cardano (ADA) continues…

Cardano (ADA) hits a new ATH, surpassing $ 2 What is the next target?

In the week of general decline in cryptocurrency markets, Cardano (ADA) continues its successful rise. It broke the all-time record…

Predicting Bitcoin’s Price With Recurrent Neural Networks

Who hasn’t heard about the most famous digital money in the world, the cryptocurrency of decade? That’s right, I am talking about Bitcoin.…

Best Crypto Exchanges: Top 5 Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms of 2021

If you’re looking to buy bitcoin or trade cryptocurrency, it can be a very intimidating experience at first. With so many bitcoin trading…

U.TodayBitcoin Now: All BTC & Bitcoin Breaking News for Today

Bitcoin News Despite everything, Bitcoin remains the world's leading cryptocurrency. Its news is still the most important in the whole…

Cardano Price Forecast: ADA Might Rocket Higher Soon

The Cardano price has bounced back after days of consolidation as investors react to the new staking news. ADA is trading at $1.5015…

Bitcoin Selloff Stalls at Historical Price Support Near $10K

Bitcoin (BTC) sellers are again struggling to force a sustained break below a widely-followed support level, but the outlook would turn…

Important Points to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Cryptocurrency Wallet

Top on the list of priorities when choosing a cryptocurrency wallet is the security features on show. Virtual currencies have in recent…

Cardano is a Real Bitcoin. 💰

Today i'm going to break down the charts on the short term, tell you exactly what you need to anticipate going into this weekend. It's…

The History of Bitcoin

How Bitcoin originated didn’t start with a radioactive coin bite, a laboratory technician being exposed to trading radiation, or a meteor…

The Ultimate Guide to Cryptocurrency

When I first heard of cryptocurrency, I thought it was similar to PayPal or Venmo … a simple, digital exchange of money. You can imagine…

World’s Largest Crypto Exchange Platform Launches In Australia

World’s largest crypto exchange platform launches in Australia. Binance Australia, the Australian expansion of international crypto-giant…

What Things to Keep in Mind When Selecting a Bitcoin Trading Platform

Plenty of cryptocurrencies present out there for making an investment, but among them, all bitcoin is the most popular. Millions of people…

How to Become a Successful Crypto Trader

if you also want to become a trader or step into the trading market, then there are only a few things present you need to learn. Five…

A Guide to Cryptocurrency Backed by Precious Metals

The idea of virtual currency backed by bullion like gold and silver has been tried numerous times. Arguably the most successful before the…