LEO Tokenomics

Buying The Dip & Getting Into Terra Network

(Source) Evening So there is blood on street, as the Bitcoin slummed down from $55K to $43K in just

How to swap $leo to $bnb & how I used Binance Earn for the first time

One of the reasons why I believe that hive and its dApps have lots of potential, is because everything can be interconnected. We can grow…

Crypto Exchange 'Bitmart' Gets Hacked for About $200 Million

(Source) Evening So crypto hack spree continues, as the centralized exchange Bitmart lost nearly $200 mi

The Truth About Investing In Altcoins

If You Believe The Lie Most people believe the voice that repeats, as opposed to the accurate voice. Many successful traders or…

Climbing up the Ranks on dCrops

Autumn has been by far my best season up until now. This is one my favourite games on the HIVE blockchain; simple yet addictive. I've…

Adding Another 1,000 CUB To My Stack

There's too much going on here to stay idle. Khal and co have been working hard behind the scenes for almost 5 months now. Plus BTC has…

Switching Lanes And Taking Shortcuts

Just a regular day at the office. I have been trying to acquire some more LEO with 240 something HIVE I've had sitting idle over at…

What's Wrong with Aeneas.blog Wallet?!

} For couple of last days, I'm not able to redeem my ASH rewards, transfer it to balance, and accordingly even less being able to stake…

Free $BCH tips are back on noise.cash!

Unless you had not been paying any attention to the posts of the recent months, you surely are aware of the microblogging platform that…

Say HIVE Without Saying HIVE

And this is just one of the many reasons. Wait until they figure out we have near-instant, feeless transactions. It's really nice to…

Season's rewards on Splinterlands.

Hi guys, yesterday in my favorite blockchain game Splinterlands was the end of the season and it's time to claim the rewards. For the…

Defi Protocol BadgerDAO Suffer $120 Million Exploit

(Source) Evening So after a pause of few months it seems hacks/exploits are back on defi world, and this time its

Metaverse Leaders Vs Metaverse Gambles

For New Investors Investors who are aiming at entering the Metaverse sector at this stage of the game are faced with two options. They…

Depot-Stand von @investinthefutur am 06.12.2021

Depotstand von @investinthefutur Hier ist eine aktuelle Übersicht von @investinthefutur. Die aktuellen Werte vom Token-Depot:

Depot-Stand von @investinthefutur am 03.12.2021

Depotstand von @investinthefutur Hier ist eine aktuelle Übersicht von @investinthefutur. Die aktuellen Werte vom Token-Depot:

A Healthy Purge In The Crypto Markets

A Grasp On Reality It is not really encouraging to see your portfolio bleed out so quickly, as we have just experienced this weekend's…

The Best Way To Earn Interest On Your Stablecoins

Every Portfolio Should Have An Allocation It’s a personal view and by no means financial advice but I believe every Crypto Portfolio…

Mein Senf convertiert HBD

Hallo liebe Community, Ich habe nun mal mrine HBD in hive konvertiert, bzw. bin dabei, da es ja 3,5 Tage dauert. Ich hoffe mal, das das…

Gambling Saturdays - Playing $8 in "Rich Wilde & The Wandering City"

Yo everyone! Today I woke up feeling awesome and wanted to have some fun so I deposited $8 at my account and tried my luck in a fun slot…

Paparino Lottery Draw - week #139 - Guaranteed Prize Pool 23.488 STEEM _ 13.826 SBD _ 20.979 HBD _ 325.895 LEO _ 7.265 CTP

*...week #138 was over yesterday night..we had no winners this week so the generated STEEM - SBD - HIVE - HBD - LEO and CTP will be added…