LEO Tokenomics

Defiscale (eth) airdrop + Spacelens update

Got another airdrop today that looks somewhat interesting, this time by a mumbo jumbo defi project called defiscale. This one is a bit…

(Re) Introducing the LionFund! This is my mission!

Sidenote This may be feel like a dejavu to some. And that's bec

If You Hate The Game, You Don't Understand The Game

If you love crypto, you should save money. It is true that stacks are built during the bear market, so if you're a true believer in…

What should happen with the HIVE and HE tokens this accounts earns?

Many have asked, what are your plans for POB, Hive and other hive engine tokens this account earns? Honestly, I don't know yet.…

CUB Finance | Farming again & a few questions

Cubdefi was the best option after all After a few other attempts to farm with other coins, I can truly say I wish I stayed into CUB…

RevolveGames (eth) airdrop

This is an airdrop I just stumbled upon, from what looks to be an interesting nft/defi blockchain thingie by a company called revolve…

The Two Sides To The Passive Crypto Income Coin

My Own Personal Fascination With Passive Income Ever since I owned my first dividend paying ETF, I knew that the only thing that I…

So What Are You Doing With Your ETH?

Market Under Pressure The Crypto market continues to face heavy downward pressure, amidst an onslaught of multiple factors. Fearful and…

An average day with the bank

Every now and then, I do a check in with my bank. The convenience of the internet makes it so much easier these days. I had to request a…

Reddit to Use Arbitrum as a Scalling Solution for its Reward Points Distribution

(Source) Evening Social media platform, Reddit announced today that it would be using Arbitrum to handle

#AskLeo - crypto shall stay anonymous?

Hi, I've been pretty busy outside the crypto world the past weeks. I've posted and commented a lot less, as my focus is on some urgent…

Introduction to DinoSwap, the next-generation PancakeSwap

Hello HODLers, I'd like to share with you an introduction about one the youngest but already most trending DeFi project on Polygon .…

It's not a lambo or even a car, but it makes me very proud.

Hello everyone... A few weeks ago a very interesting initiative was being shared, @empoderat, @belemo, and @trumpman were talking about…

Tether Promises Audit in Coming Months

(Source) Tether, company behind world's largest stable coin will release its aud

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Falls Fourth Time in a Row

(Source) Evening Bitcoin mining difficulty falls fourth time in a row this Sunday, as the bears c

Würfel - in Reih und Glied - # 53

Achtung!! Eine wichtige Nachricht für die KURATOREN:


And self flagged 😂

Central Bank Digital Currencies, Dollar and a Euro for the Future

Global expansion of cryptocurrencies seems to force the emergence of the digital euro and digital dollar **Since the beginning of…

Splinterlands BR Talk #2 - 23/07/2021

Olá pessoal! Estava lendo meus últimos posts sobre Splinterlands, ainda era época do Steem Monsters! Quanta coi

First it was quite weird to use d3js

First it was quite weird to use d3js, but it is really great for displaying data. I need to add tokens symbol and so but nice for the start.