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Ethereum, the world's second-largest cryptocurrency, soars above $4,000 for the first time

Ether, the world's second-largest cryptocurrency, rose nearly 7% over the last 24 hours to a record high of $4,141.99. Once in bitcoin

Medina Spirit won the Kentucky Derby equestrian race

Medina Spirit won the 147th Kentucky Derby Horse race in the United States. According to the American media, before the start of the race…

At just 14 years old, he grew to 6 feet 4 inches, was 8 feet tall and weighed 209 kilograms by the time the Argentine team joined the basketball team.

Jorge Gonzalez was the tallest wrestler in the WWE. He was born on January 31, 1966 in El Colorado, Formosa, Argentina. Over the next two…

Bitcoin Price May Skyrocket Up To $300,000 By Year's End Before Collapsing - Entrepreneur

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Digital Dollar Will Be Worth Pursuing, Not Bitcoin - US Treasury Secretary


Make a purpose in life

} If there is a purpose to life, you can have a good life.

Ctp new hive coin fast coin incoming days


Digital currency': A central bank alternative to bitcoin?

Faced with increased popularity for cryptocurrency as well as for online payments, central banks are exploring new units of their…

What's next? How will I reach my goals?!...

First of all, I am new to Steemit (and not afraid of admitting it). I am passionate about cryptocurrencies and the many (I mean lots)…

YT Supremacy Review + OTO's + Huge Bonus : Instantly Rank Your Affiliate Review Video

YT Supremacy Review Introduction of YT Supremacy Ranking your videos at the top of YouTube and

ClickTrackProfit - Thursday Session!

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CTPtalk Tips & Tricks #5 - Earn Crypto With PTC And Power Up

It's Thursday and mostly good weather, but some rain though. CTPtalk Tips & Tricks #5 - Earn

CTPtalk Tips & Tricks #6 - #BuildUp50SP & The Steem Power Elevator

It's Friday and quite comfortable weather. CTPtalk Tips & Tricks #6 - #BuildUp50SP & The Stee

The CTP Update - Our Tribe Is A Month Old!

It's official! The CTPtalk Tribe is a month old :) And what fantastic timing too...Right on course with Hardfork 21!!! Let's…

CTPtalk Tips & Tricks #4 - Earn Crypto Online And Power Up

It's Monday a new week and the weather is fantastic. CTPtalk Tips & Tricks #4 - Earn Crypto O

Badge Hunts, Autoresponders & 1 Month Later...

It's been a full calendar month since ClickTrackProfit relaunched! And wow, what a month it's been.....! We'll go over some of…

ClickTrackProfit - Crypro Mondays!

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My ClickTrackProfit training and CTP Token trading

Moring Everyone, I think it has been 3 weeks or so since I been on Steemit and #ctptalk. I am up to 55 followers. Getting some nice…
2 yr

My CTP Weekly Report #2

If you are not familiar with CTP, it stays for @jongolson affiliate marketing website ClickTrackProfit , and I'm one of the many users.…

CTPtalk Tips & Tricks #3 - Get Free Crypto From Coinbase And Power It Up

It's Saturday and really nice weather outside. CTPtalk Tips & Tricks #3 - Get Free Crypto Fro