LEO Tokenomics

Bitcoin Cash, Tron & Teraa Where are they heading?!?

Bitcoin Cash After a down-channel breakout on 22 November, BCH kept on moving in the descending triangle design in its 4-hour chart…

Litecoin, Ethereum Classic & VeChain where are they heading?!?

As the bearish streak ceaselessly won, bulls attempted to maintain the uphold view of their cryptos. Therefore, altcoins like Litecoin…

BTC versus gold: Does Bitcoin stand against our precious metal?!?

Bitcoin has dominated gold significantly year to date, with the advanced coin up almost 98% and the yellow metal down in the…

Thanks to the Bears and Those Who Spread the FUD News

There have been corrections in the crypto markets for a few weeks, which is why there are decreases. This was a great opportunity to buy…

CUB Price May Be Ready For A New Run

Due to the decline in the crypto market in recent days, the crypto market cap has decreased by approximately 200 billion dollars. As…

SPS Price Following Same Pattern Before

SPS Price is following same pattern that happened before. I havent met with a chart like this. Price is moving same as before. A peak…

Will LEO Price Follow Hive Pump?

Hive was undervalued crypto and reached the required value.. Hive was Web 3.0 gem and Leo is Hive Blockchains gem. After Hive price…

Cryptomarket Valuation and Opinion 12-01-21

Market Data Highlights Bitcoin opens at $57K. It hits lowest at $56K and highest at $59K and stable around $56K ~ $57K. The average…

Handle Cup Pattern in BTC Price Chart

BTC Price is on setup for new target. Corporate investors are buying bitcoin at these levels. FED is trying give fear to market... It is…

Twitter CEO Steps Down - A Full-Time Bitcoiner

Jack Dorsey stepped down. This is fairly big news for the social media industry and the stock market cheers for it. What the major news did

STEEM price in December 2017 shows possibility for HIVE price in December 2021

HIVE could be headed over 10 USD in the next few weeks, if price action continues to follow the 2017 chart. Heading into December 2017…

Could Bitcoin (BTC) Be Preparing For A New Bull Run?

Bitcoin (BTC) price has been stuck between $53,500 and $59,000 for about 3 weeks. Although Bitcoin tried to break $ 59,000 several times…

Worried You Missed the Voucher Token Distribution? Don't Worry, Prepare to Get More.

The participation of investors and players in Splinterlands, one of the best games among blockchain games, is increasing day by day.…

Bitcoin USD Chart.

1)At 1 day time frame we can see that btc has a upward trend. 2)It has taken resistance around 68000 and support around 53200. 3)Now it…

CBDC Is Losing The Game

China’s CBDC isn’t working as it intends to be. China has launched its CBDC in early 2021 and its pilot program draws much intentional

BTC Price Touched the Dip at 53K - Time to Bullish Days

Yesterday BTC Price touched the dip at 53K. Lots of people were in fear about the entering bearish season. I had no doubt that BTC price…

How to Improve Tribaldex.com to make it even better ? Just an Idea

I'm here since march 2021, only few weeks after the birth of Hive. I've accumulated everything I have on my main account @ykretz without…

BNBUSDT Technical Analysis

BNB within the 1D timeframe is performing a bullish triangle, the support line has remained strong in the last 2 weeks. In the image…

Reward Card Analysis Part VIII + Giveaway - A Diary Of A Splinterlands Player #024

The Legendaries We are getting closer to the end of this series! I did also split the legendary cards, but will do a conclusion for all…

Reward Card Analysis Part VII - A Diary Of A Splinterlands Player #023

Unfortunately my computer had some major issues yesterday, so I couldn't post. So I continue today, with: The Epics - Part II Djinn…