LEO Tokenomics

Hand-poured Silver Bar No.83

I know of several gun owners to be preppers and silver stackers. I have several guns myself and I am prepped for the basics in case of…

Recruiting New Hive Users, One Rookie At A Time

Today was quite an eventful day for me, had the opportunity to talk about Hive and cryptocurrency to some one who has no idea what…


source About a year ago I thought second-layer tokens were all a joke (guess


source I believe everything in life is transactional .

Hand-poured Silver Bar No.82

I have two snake silver designs in my stack. Both are hand-poured silver. I showed you one the other day. In case you missed it, you can…


Most people think of investing as a painful, self-depriving endeavour that rips you off all the good things of life--that you care about.…

#Fiestatuesday: 2013 Mexican Libertad - Sister Teresa D’Mordecai Part 17

“Black birds tend to like shiny things.” ~ The Bloody Raven I've already covered the 2017 Libertad which is essentially the same as the…


Hey friends! I invite you to follow me on my social networks! 😘💞 Enjoy my latest crypto~portraits☆ and updates from the…

ADA coin fundamentals and prize prediction

hello peoples How are you i hope you all doing good in your life today i am with a new coin infoation. This ada coin Similar to…

How to Play Splinterlands on your Mobile Device (iOS/Android)

There are two different ways to access Splinterlands on your mobile device. ![IMG_8218.PNG](


The NFT community members showed our love and support to the BAYC (Bored Ape Yatch Club) auction on Christie's by wearing cool suits…

Splinterlands LAND - Why they might be a good long term investment

In my last guide, I showed you how to purchase PLOT from two different marketplace. Today I want to share with you my thoughts on why I…

🔴 How to Hide (remove) Attendee's Name in ZOOM Conference | PinoyTV

▶️ Watch on 3Speak This tutorial explained on how to capture zoom gallery videos by using vmix. There is a s

AC Milan Fan Token is rising

Ac Milan Fan Token was one of the cryptocurrencies listed on coinmarketcap and showing the highest increase of the day. ![image.png](

Many Government Reps are just Hypocrites with Cryptos.

src Crypto adoption in the world has grown exponentially. I remember how I was trying to make my friends invest in Bitcoin in 2017 and…


This is my entry for the [hive-naija prompt of the week](

Blog #82: Trying Some Pizza @ Adelante Pizza & Ala Carte

Hey Hivers! At the beginning of pandemic, hospitality industry has greatly affected. A sudden closure of some hotels; restaurants and…

Three Types Of Mushroom🍄 On My Lens//First Entry As A Mushroom Lover 🍄

Got another inspiration from this beautiful Community!!!! Hello beautiful people!!!Hope you're all enjoying and learning here about…

"Unforgivable" - @laritheghost (Dark RnB Instrumental) [Original Music]

▶️ Watch on 3Speak As we start to approach Fall/Winter, I made this instrumental that reflects my curren

🔴 How to Capture Zoom Gallery Videos into VMIX | PinoyTV

▶️ Watch on 3Speak This tutorial explained on how to capture zoom gallery videos by using vmix. There is a s