LEO Tokenomics

SpkNetwork: Going To Lock Up Millions Of HIVE

We keep getting a few tidbits coming out about the SpkNetwork . As this happens, the potential for Hive keeps growing. Understanding…

How Does Cub Finance ($CUB) Work?

Cub Finance is a leading DEX (Decentralized Exchange) & a DeFi (Decentralized Finance) yield farming platform built on Binance Smart…

Creating a curation economy

It might sound like a pipe dream now but one day, I think it will be a thing. For what it's worth, there are already people making a…

Can Hive Become Like Monaco?

The United States and China are the two largest economies in the world. They eclipse every other single nation by a wide margin. This…

I Got Paid 285 LEO For A Graphic Design Gig...

..and I am not even a professional designer. I have done some gigs in the past but they were no biggie! 1 or 2 simple posters and a few…

Bitcoin: Another theory!

Authored by: @hetty-rowan Early bird today It's Sunday again, and after an intensive Saturday I fell asleep very early on…

SEED Holdings Report #7

This one has been a pretty active week in terms of trading and (once again) I've delayed a bit more this report (since I somewhat posted…

dCity Starter Packs - Smallest cities to get started - ~10-15 HIVE cities

One of the fun things about dCity is getting started, but you have to spend some money, and getting started sucks when you don't have all…

Which Projects Are Truly Decentralized?

▶️ Watch on 3Speak This is a talk track which appears to be picking up some steam. Perhaps it is th

El Salvador's President Nayib Bukele Quadriples Down on Bitcoin

El Salvador's story of Bitcoin is just amazing. Being the first sovereign country in the world to adopt bitcoin as a legal tender despite…

They Are Still Way Behind (Crypto and Governments)

They Are Still Way Behind (Crypto and Governments) When it com

Crypto Evolved and Wealth Can Be Achieved By Masses

Crypto Evolved and Wealth Can Be Achieved By Masses When I sta

New Learn & Earn (Crypto Opportunities)

I never say no to .. an easy dollar (or two, or three) - especially when it comes to crypto! The easiest crypto I have won is the ones…

Recognizing Your Value Attracts Money

Most people are prisoners of their minds and let money rule them. This is sad because they see money as an unattainable resources that…

The Growing Value of Cryptocurrency

We see many projections of how much the market cap of cryptocurrency can be worth. To many, the numbers tossed out are absurd. There is…

HIVE - Not Just Cause I'm A Beneficiary Review

I've been trying to gather as much information as possible, just so I could present a massive breakdown of what Hive is, and whether or n

Rising Stars #22 + CARD GIVEAWAY

Start playing the Rising Stars crypto idle game now! A few words I'm so glad I'm keeping up with the

5 Reasons Why I Buy Bitcoin Daily [Infographic]

If you are deep into Crypto, buying Bitcoin is a very smart choice. It's the king of crypto and I don't see that changing anytime soon.…

Coinbase, Markets Drop and The State Of The World

Coinbase, Markets Drop and The State of the World As we all kn

This is why I don't hold any Bitcoin

It probably seems like a dumb move and I know many people will advise against it but I don't hold Bitcoin. Throughout my journey in…