LEO Tokenomics

Learning the ropes of LEO Finance

I have been around ever since the good / bad old Steem day's. LEO launched as a second layer token on steem and of course migrated to the…

LeoBridge stats . From beginning to 15th June .

Good evening to everyone . I hope you all are doing good . I have been planning to post about this from last week but I didn't get the…

Scandal of the month : Mark Cuban gets rugged! (90% dump)

Video Guide: 00:00:00 Intro 00:00:16 #Bitcoin chart 00:01:31 Mark Cuban news 00:03:02 #Stablecoin regulation call 00:03:47 Interests…

The Future Of DeFi - The Evolution

All the new hype around CUB as of the last two days has got me excited and writing about DeFi more than any other topic. It's because the…

What Is The Fed Up To?

▶️ Watch on 3Speak The Fed is in a self-imposed prison. They really are between a rock and

The Fed Is Not Going To Tighten

The United States Federal Reserve is not going to tighten. Unless we are in the land of flying elephants and purple bunnies, the reality…

Is HBD Getting More Stable?

A lot of attention was placed upon HBD over the last few months. This was a step forward to try and rectify the "peg that wasn't". A lot…

The biggest risk with Hive Engine tribes is the owner

Yesterday I wrote a post where I wanted to talk about what I feel is the greatest risk to stake holders in a Hiv

Things Have Been Pretty Bland So What To Do?

Let's be honest the crypto markets and news as of late have been a bit of a snooze feast and not all that much seems to be going on. Small…

Diversification: Playing with Polygon

After seeing some chatter in the Leo Finance Discord server about MATIC/Polygon, I decided to check it out and see what it was all about.…

Travala Launches Dtravel - A Blockchain Powered AirBnb!

Binance backed Travala is a leading blockchain-based Hotel & Flight booking platform which was founded in 2017. More than 40…

Banks Starting To Realize CBDCs Are Not To Their Benefit

Central Bank Digital Currencies are coming. This is something that is not likely to reverse course. All countries of any size are…

LEO/BHT Burn post 70 - Earn curation and help raise/stabilise the token price!

These posts burn both LEO and BHT tokens, 50% for each (100% liquid BHT) these have already burnt over 350 leo and that will rise! lets…

Cryptocurrency: A Technology That Is Going To Ride The Rest Of The Technological Wave

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Cryptocurrency is a done deal. I have stated that a few times. The reason f

Collecting History in the Making

For those of you who use Coinbase, some of you might have seen this promotion:          Like many of their promotions, I said to…

Everything as a service - Are we going to own less stuff?

The service economy You might have already seen the acronym SaaS (Software as a Service), perhaps you have even seen PaaS and maybe…

VR: Get Ready For Targeted Advertising

We certainly know how to make the most of technological progress. While the UN is declaring that the first kill happened by an AI…

Bitcoin Green Energy Paradox: will Bitcoin save renewable energy and become the green energy hero?

Bitcoin to the rescue? As I contemplate the latest news headlines about Bitcoin consuming the same amount of energy as small countries…

Guide for migrating Cub from Den to Kingdom in cubdefi.com

Guide for migrating Cub from Den to Kingdom in cubdefi.com Today , when Leofinance team announced that Kingdom is live for staking…

Blonde arrives at Polygon

New day, new possibilities Then you wake up in the morning with the feeling that something is about to happen. And 10 seconds later you…