LEO Tokenomics

Splinterlands SPS Token Why It's Still Under Valued

Splinterlands SPS Token Why It's Still Under Valued SPS (Splintershards) are a the governance token of Splinterlands

10k Leo Power, More Curation and Staking

It has been a long time coming in the works, had a lot of back and forths but I'm finally curating with 10k Leo. Perhaps I would have…

Have You Been Stacking? Hive Goals

Have You Been Stacking? Hive Goals I do these posts nearly every

So I'll be getting one Voucher a day

I was a bit late to the presale because of my timezone and I missed the exact moment that the voucher airdrop came into my account. I…

Chaos Packs and Vouchers Are Here!

Chaos Packs and Vouchers Are Here! Well if you've been following along you'd know I've been ape on Splinterlands as of late. Well…

One Day Later Bitcoin Futures ETF

One Day Later Bitcoin Futures ETF The first ETF was expected to

Leofinance is the king of tokens !

This is my entry to the following contest : Tribe Token Talk ! *It's a great time to participate in a contest about Leofinance

Are you ready for Chaos?

In a matter of hours, Chaos will be upon us and the first signs of the new set of monsters will be made clearer. Through the current set…

SEC Approves ETF What Comes Next

SEC Approves ETF What Comes Next Finally it happened! ETF approva

BNB about to skyrocket as BNB Total supply has just been reduced by $639M.

Binance the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange platform due to daily trading volume, has just completed it's 17th Quarterly BNB…

Splinterlands Assets Explained - Coins & Tokens (SPS, DEC, Credits)

In the last part of this series we looked at the different card packs and card editions that exist

Splinterlands - Price of each voucher in the market was so tempting

I was thinking of targetting close to 100 CL packs in total. In order to get 100 CL packs, I guess I will have to hold 100 Vouchers as…

Accumulate when the attention is elsewhere

What a great time to get back into Leo, sure it was hyped up and everyone and their mother was all into Leofinance, nowadays the talk is…

Please, take seat...

...because you are going to wait for very long, long time to see me again using your services. I am not going to tire of repeating…

Is SPS Price Locked In Already? 72 hours...

Is SPS Price Lock In Already? 72 hours left Yep, I'm going to be

Curation accounts, diversification and flexibility

I used to think that in order to do a lot of things, I had to have a lot of money first but over the past couple of months, I learnt to…

3 Things I have "Earned" from being in Leofinance


Hive Keychain Independent Audit Proposal

Everyone loves Hive Keychain, it is the only way to use many of the Hive Dapps and still feel safe. One thing that has always concerned…

My Hive Goals - Weekly Progress Report

I'm thinking that the progress was good as always. I'm getting a good feeling about Splinterlands now because it is giving me a decent…

My monthly HBD interest claiming day

I decided to claim my HBD interest on the 15th of every month. Today is the day due for the past month. As I'm doing a Hive power up on…