LEO Tokenomics

Play To Earn - Splinterlands Value Skyrockets

Play To Earn Splinterlands When it comes to the gaming community fun along with value come hand in hand. As value increases for a

1 million POB mined, and what have we learned so far?

ONE MILLION POB The first million out of a possible 21 was delivered on 7/24. In 5 months we reached this mark. As much as we've…


I don't know if I'll live to be 75 years old, and honestly have no clue how fun life still is at that age, but I have reached a reputation…

Living On The Second Layers

Since I am in the mood of talking about the era of abundance this weekend and tackled yesterday the story of a 12 years old kid who…

Is Cub Finance the project of the future? / Czy Cub Finance to projekt przyszłości? [EN/PL]

The boom of DeFi projects in the Binance Smart Chain space has died a natural death. The market of gigantic growths is over, so Telegram…

Crytpo Exposure Is Wanted, Stablecoins Are Holding It Back

More Crypto Exposure Is Needed If you are a big time investor

The B Word Conference Motivated These Celebrities To Buy Bitcoin

I wasn’t joking and I meant it when I said I’m going to tell my kids this was the fantastic four because they proved to be crypto…

3 Interesting news about bitcoin and crypto adoption.

Hello everyone... This week we have had many interesting things happening in the crypto world, a long-awaited conference about bitcoin…

Let the torture begin!

I don't watch television much anymore. I recently realized that I barely even have the time to watch my favourite shows on Netflix, hence…

It Cracked. Now What?

The inevitable has occurred. Bitcoin has broken the $30,000 price level and "it's fighting to reclaim it at less than $300 beneath…

Crypto Winter or Primed For Rally?

Crypto Winter or Primed Rally? When it comes to cryptocurrency

DEC is on the way to Moon | Are you buying or selling?

Splinterlands is one of the most interesting Blockchain games on Hive and it has a very huge market cap compared to other games on Hive…

Accumulation, lofty ambition and the road to recovery

Growing my Leo stake has been something of an addiction for a while now and with the price of the token so low, it was nice to buy up as…

Are Stable Coins Killing The Crypto Dream?

Stable Coins Could Be Killing The Crypto Dream As much as we have all started to love stable coins I question if it's starting to lead…

Staking 1200 POB - 67 in the Richlist !

I staked 1200 POB and I get a delegation of 150. Now I have 1350 POB power being 67 in the richlist here POB richlist *Pr

Having an information anxiety attack...

I've had a rather busy and energy-draining week. Although I had 3 days away from school thanks to a 2 days public holiday and a sick day…

Cost of relocation, preparing for the unknown and sustaining life with Splinterlands

I've always known that leaving this country was going to be a challenge. Different places I checked online were pretty expensive, but…

Why to care about APR ?

*I've noticed so many investors caring so much about APR - Annual Percentage Rate. While I don't notice a lot of talking about MPR -…

RUNE-THORChain: Third attack in a month

I am really surprised and concerned about the last news I read [regarding another exploit](

Looking for a twitter alternative that pays you? Try BitClout

We all know how centralized Twitter is but still, we know many people are using Twitter as their promotional platform. Some of the popular…