LEO Tokenomics

My little CUB lions


Rank #19!!! XD

Heh! I know it is still very early in the season to be happy about placing in my already desired Rank range ( Rank 11-20 to get those…

The Cost Of Splinterlands Boosters (6/18/2021)

For those of us on this amazing journey known as Splinterlands yous know that allot is going on within the Splinterworld. We have the Land…

Splinterlands & Axie Infinity

It's been over 2 years since I started playing Splinterlands, and when I looked at the value of my collection I got scared because I…

Project Blank can change a lot for LEO

After thinking more about LEO, I think Leo needs Viral content. like Wall street bets and trader generates. About Stocks, what's hot…

Life Changing Moment - Finally Bought My First 3 Axies For $2000

I am playing Axie Infinity and sharing Axie Infinity gameplay videos at my social media for more than 6 months now but what most of my…

IronFinance Exitscam Defi rug

Looks like Ironfinance Exitscams. It was a Defi farm on polygon. And again, fuck short-term pain. We know the CUB and LEO team, and I can…

BTC Shortsqueeze possible

After I see the massive amount of shorts in BTC ( compared to the past) + more and more people talk about a short squeeze, I think this…

FREE Level 3 LORD ARIANTHUS Delegation (Splinterlands)

LORD ARIANTHUS LORE: While passing through the galaxy on his starship, the great and powerful Lord Arianthus noticed signs of life on…

Daily Splinterlands Report #546 Quick giveaway inside! june 18, 2021


[ESP-ING] How much you have is irrelevant. Cuanto tengas es irrelevante. POWER UP 100%

Good morning community today I would like to write that what you have is irrelevant and why clinging to something material destroys human…

Hive, price and future value

I know, it's a difficult topic. Some people think Hive is a 1$ token, others think 5$ token and some more negative one thinks it a 0,05$…

My Season End Rewards! Slipped through to Rank #21! T_T

Judging by the screenshot below you guys could probably imagine how pained I was waking up first things first in the morning and seeing…

Daily Splinterlands Report #544 Quick giveaway inside! june 16, 2021


Finally! Scored A Great Airdrop on Splinterlands

Hi Everyone, If you have been a follower of mine, you would know I'm a huge of Splinterlands. It is pretty much the first blockchain…

1000 Regular Players! Celebratory Competition - WIN CARD PACKS!

What a milestone we just reached - 1000 active players (players who have carried out at least one mission in the last 7 days)…

Getting frustrated in my Rising Star career

UPDATE 2: it's one relatively small issue with the market page but you guys had to turn it into an ego battle. it had already been…

splinterlands daily swearfest - horrible day 3

starting points 1872 - ending points 1908 (got fucked out of a 200 point gain ) the early rounds - got a decent run going - then BAMMM…

Slot Sundays - Testing my Luck in "Fire Toad" & "Book of Dead" (Gameplay & Commentary)

It's a beautiful sunny Sunday here in Greece and after a hard week full of work I decided to have some fun gambling. I tested my luck in…

Cerberus- A three-headed fluffy dog full of rage.