LEO Tokenomics

Blessings of Blockchain Technology

Source Everyone tries and want to invest or allocate their money in or to any business venture w

Nigeria To Take Over Crypto From China After Country's Ban

Source Standard Chartered Bank Plc of Nigeria has said it is set to launch a cryptocurrency exchange and broker

Let The Party Begin - Up Chelsea!

Source I knew it. I knew Chelsea will win. I've been telling those who care to know after the FA cup def

Making More Money With Hotels and Hospitality Management

Source Hospitality is a great attribute everyone should have. We all must be hospitable otherwise, we'll begin to repel people aro

Tupac Shakur

Source Sometimes in both early and late 90's I barely know the lyrics of rap song because I don't seem to get wha

Lessons from Tupac Shakur

Source "Baby don't cry, I hope you got your head up. Even when the road is hard, never give up..." F

The Big Short

The Big Short Education I was looking at the US stock market, which is now rallying for 12 straight years, longer terms, for certain…

Setting Financial Goal

Source Goal setting is the process of deciding what you want to accomplish and devising a plan to achieve t

The Return Of Prosperity

Source When Prophet Elisha told the people of Samara that by this time tomorrow food that

Debt and Japan

Debt as a function of GDP Over the weekend I try to brush up on the general financial acumen and try to find what interesting items…


There is no continuity without the young ones on earth. It means that it will get to a time no one will exist on earth because we fail…

Bad news for crypto: China FUD and Trump

Hey folks, It's been a while since I last posted anything about crypto or my prediction on any coins. Actually, it's been a very bad…

Nigeria and the World Exploring Blockchain Technology

Source The Director of Information Technology of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Mrs Rakiyat Mohammed, s

Africa, Blazing the Trail in Crypto Currency

Source Luno, a cryptocurrency company, has hit eight million customers (wallets). This is coming immediat

Abundance tribe question of the week/What are you becoming.

While I was a lad I used to have a dream of becoming a big-time Accountant with good qualifications. [Pixabay](

Approach to Investment

Source Wealth creation is and should be an intentional subject matter. Investing youe money in a worth

The Bull Run is Back!

Source I told you the market is back. The bull run is recovering and every dip is getting filled to it's