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Buy Untamed Packs - Open Untamed Packs

Buy Packs - Open Packs Let us talk about gaming a bit. We all know the last Splinterlands Untamed packs sold out last week. I never was…

Splinterlands as a wise investment - A game changer

Many of you may know that Splinterlands is a game on the HIve blockchain. I am not going to write about how to play the game which I have…

Scavenger- The most epic ability of any monster

Scavenger This week splinterland weekly challenge is scavenger ability and there are plenty of monsters with this ability.…

Animated Gif creation of my hand drawing "Two gun pete"

Hi there Lovely and creative people of Hive World, Hope you all are fine and having a good day I am sharing a GIF Image that I create…

Hand drawing of Splinterlands game character "Two Gun Pete"

Hi there lovely and creative people of Hive World, Hope you all are fine and having a great day I am sharing my hand drawing of…

The bull run is to sell while the bear market is to buy: Taking useful opportunities when it present itself - cryptocurreny angle

Those into cryptocurrency by now we should knows that the market is not for the shallow minded individuals. Up and down will surely comes…

Playing with SAND WORM : This deadly creature will take you down before you know it

What's up Splinterland Lovers! I hope you all enjoying Splinterlands! **This


image source I don't know about you but I am not confident that the market will go up anytime soon. I think bitcoin might hit 30k…

Using cryptocurrency positively to impact the world

Since the birth of the blockchain it has move from one medium to the other and this movement have in one or two ways impacted the world we…

Appearing before your target when it come to business

There is this popular saying that state that it is the way that you dress that you will be addressed. Imagine going to meet a prospect and…

Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge: Ant Miners The indomitable Scavenger

Hello splinterlords and splinterladies around the world. I want to say thank you the moderators, curators and splinterlands team at large.…

Update of favourite crypto coin status on 12-06-2021.

Hello crypto lovers Here is my update of favourite crypto coin status form the source of coinmarketcap.com. Mark


For the next few days, I'd be posting excepts from the book Money Matters by one of my favourite inspirational and motivational pastors…

How Can I be Eligible For 13th Untamed Airdrop?

Hello everyone in splinterlands how are you today? I think you are happy to hear that 13th untamed airdrop is revealed. When I saw it in…

How do you explain cryptocurreny and blockchain to newbie in a nutshell?

Good day buddies, I have really missed putting up post. For some time now I have been feeling really down that is what has really stopped…

The important of having different source of income.

The rate at which the cost of things are increasing in this country is just too much. Almost all the prices of things in my country is…

Are you fit to be named among the successful folks?

Source Successful people have qualities that are beyond human ambitions. Most of them have charm, innate style, and intuition; others…

No lo nutras😄😄😄

Cada vez que te ocurra un sufrimiento, no lo guardes. Deja que suceda, Pero no lo nutras. ¿Para qué vivir hablando sobre él? Recuerda…

Let's dig deep Into The History Of Children's Day

source Hello Hivers and friends around the

Drawing of "Fineas Rage" of Splinterlands

Hi there lovely and creative people of Hive World, Hope you all are fine and having a great day I am sharing my hand drawing of…