LEO Tokenomics

LEO Power up - Staking my tokens - Achieved 250 Token Target

Hello All LEO Lovers, We all love staking our tokens, WHY ? Because this is really cool way to increase your power and show your belief…

7 days to go

▶️ Watch on 3Speak I am back from holidays and I have paid the dividends to the delegators this morning. The proje

Splinterlands spell book would be better value at $20 than $10.

So double the price and it's better value?? What kind of madness is this? Just hear me out on this one. @Splinterlands is…

$0.619 CUB - Buy When There's Blood On The Streets!!! Too Many Idiots Are Selling CUB (AGAIN!)

I love opportunity. CUB is full of those opportunities. I was being very sick for few days and decided to get a small break. I was fully…

Finance is like Nature: You Have to Plant the Seeds

We often take nature for granted. Those who live in concrete jungles void of nature possibly do this even more than others. But even those…

How Noise Cash helps my Hive journey

I have been on noise.cash for quite some time. During this time the platform has changed its pa

Concept: July 24, 2021. What is GDP? Variables Associated With it

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of a country is the sum of the market value of all goods and services produced in the give

Twitter growth and targets.

The network effect and building our audience. At the moment we are seeing a big push from the community on writing better SEO…

#MyHiveGoals - my weekly progress

hello and welcome to all the readers. A good progress since last post. This week, i transfered 3.972 HBD to HBD savings, to earn…

Leofinance stats July 24, 2021

This blog contains an overview of the blogs and users that received the most votes and comments yesterday. I've also included the total…

News: July 25, 2021. Bitcoin Suddenly Close to US$ 40K

Today, bitcoin (BTC) started the day with a value around US$ 34K. During the day, it remained stable until around 18:00 EDT

McAfee Didn't Uninstall Himself - But Death Of John McAfee is Being Monetized In A Scummy Crypto Pump

John McAfee was a flawed man. He's also a man who did great things. I remember him from the days where he went on MSM TV fought against…

📈📊 'Splinterlands' Weekly (July 10, 2021 to July 16, 2021) stat report 📊📈

Hello Guys Here is the weekly update of Splinterlands (hive-13323) stats 📊📈 report. These stats are generated from posts created…

My SPT token staking Journey - Chasing 50K token

Hello Guys, Hope you are al going good. I have been staking SPT from quite a some time and have been chasing target of 50K…

Massive Price Increase for DEC + SPT Due To The SPS Daily Airdrop Announcement + Airdrop Calculator

Hey folks, it's getting exciting in the world of Splinterlands ! So the announcement of the daily SPS airdrop starting has had made…

Gedankenlesen ist nicht immer einfach, aber ihr macht das schon!

Wir kennen alle die Sprech- bzw. Gedankenblasen aus den unterschiedlichsten Comics. Genau diese haben mich zu dieser Aufgabe…

📈📊 'Naturalmedicine' Weekly ( July 10, 2021 to July 16, 2021 ) stat report 📊📈

Hello Guys Here is the weekly update of Naturalmedicine (hive-120078) stats 📊📈 report. These stats are generated from posts…

Do you believe that the government's claim was right and based on facts?

Do you believe that the government's claim was right and based on facts? Greetings friends! India faced worst phase of corona…

Würfel - in Reih und Glied - # 54

Achtung!! Eine wichtige Nachricht für die KURATOREN:

The journey - from iamalivechallenge to Alive tribe

Hello and welcome to all the readers. Today i talk about the Alive tribe. Alive tribe is just few months old, but the tribe has a very…