LEO Tokenomics

Your vote is your voice.

Votes count. They are your voice in what happens around you. We are looking at a very interesting situation in the North of Ireland…

Should @leofinance Create Language Specific Front Ends?

Should @leofinance Create Language Specific Front Ends? This is an idea I have thought about briefly. It made a lot of sense to me and…

Listnerds and CTP tokens

Are you not a member of ListNerds yet? Do you know what it is? Do you want to learn about it? The next thre

Terra luna crash is it game over can luna ever reach $1 again

from Imgflip Meme Generator Broken Terra Luna Will Likely never reach. It's all-time again. There are just too many coins o

Buying In Bulk Is The Best || Saving Money Done Right

source Buying things you need is

Calculator Tactics And Being The Store Weirdo

source Like any other person who's into

Deflation of price is an opportunity to invest but do we throughly like to experience such dip

Crypto way of operating is really favourable and beneficial when prices occur either high or low determines how investment can be made or…

Mr. Positivity post reviews, ListNerds and DHF.

Wow. What a Sunday morning going through ListNerds emails. So much great content. I am going to cover five posts and I foll

Finding new content on HIve thanks to ListNerds. DHF update.

I am going to jump right in with my DHF update. [Off Blockchain support of a Children's Hospital](

The Hive blockchain is not compulsory but it is necessary

Most individuals in the Hive blockchain have given so many tangible reasons and impact the blockchain have offered in changing situations…

Giveaway of a new NFT Collection "Lazy Lizzy" built on TelosEVM + Telos Challenge for NFT Creators!

Hello LeoFinance & Hive, How's it going? It's NEO here, a Telos Senior Eagle with another news straight from Telos Blockchain :) "LAZY…

Bitcoin. Some perspective.

I am going to have a look at Bitcoin over the last 7 years. I decided on 3 month screen shots between 13 Feb and 14 May. For 2016 through…

News: May 16, 2022. The Average Regular Unleaded Gasoline Price is at US$ 4.483. A New All Time High

The AAA , reported that the average price of regular unleaded gasoline reached and all-time high again on May 16, 2022. The price is…

SplinterZine – #61 – May 18th – 2022

Welcome Splinter lords! One of the most profitable ways in Splinterlands is through the Tournaments that daily distribute

Hive price at the moment still in position to accumulate more

The current Hive price at the moment as we know still varies close to $50 which is an opportunity in accumulating more Hive and utilizing…

The number one thing about ListNerds is finding new people and content. Agree?

I do not usually, very seldom take part in challenges. But today as I was going though my ListNerds emails I came across [[

Would the Terra Luna Plan B work ?

Post the Terra Luna event of 7 may 2022 which the Terra luna Ceo refers to as attack on the blockchain there are all kinds of efforts in…

Investments is not advisable on only one source of income

Investment is a proper and reasonable action to take in other to secure a financial means of survival and maintaining financial stability…

Concept: May 18, 2022. Sectors That May Thrive in a Recession

The following are sectors in the economy that you may consider investing in during an economic recession. Food and Beverages…

Pushing some Positivity to the world

As I sit in my recliner it is 8:26 PM as I start to write. Negativity. There is so much off it everyday. I live in 🇨🇦. Inflation rat