LEO Tokenomics

Reasons why I decided to get involved into PsyberX

Hello fellows, I recently (thanks to 1UP community and @dagger212) discovered another interesting blockchain gaming project on Hive named

Digital Landlords - "How to calculate the fair value of digital land plots" - On the example of Axie and Splinterlands

Intro - What is this about Hi Everyone, a lot of Blockchain games have started **developing or have already started selling/eve

Pelacor Conjurer - most useful from Pelacors collection ?

Howdy Splinterfolks! Welcome to next chapter of my Splinterlands diary where I am taking closer look into different cards from strategy…

Finally got my first legendary card in reward chest

Hi there, After almost 4 months of active playing, I finally got lucky and received legendary Djinn Biljka in the season rewards chest…