LEO Tokenomics

The dip is the perfect period to invest into cryptocurrency

I always says that cryptocurrency is the only place were people loose alot of money and still keeps laughing. We are not that serious in…

Fresh silver under way!

Look at these beauties I just ordered: 20 Escudos 1952, Mozambique - 10.00 g (.720) 50 Cents 1966, Australia - 13.28 g…

I reached 78 REPUTATION, but so what...?!?

I hit another Reputation milestone about a week ago - I tipped over into 78.... This puts me in the top 40 of current active Hi

The Power Of Earning Or Investing $10 On Hive Daily

Good day guys, am sure we are still overwhelmed with the dip, but look at the brighter side with Hive. On Hive you finally have the…

Long Term Goals: Accumulation Of Short Term Goals

Setting goals is easy, trying to achieve those goals is a little bit easy, working towards achieving those goals, is not quite easy but…

FTX US Now $8 Billion Valuation

FTX once again is trying its best in expanding, and just recently I just realized that FTX has a subordinate company basically for…

LEO Staking update : 500 LEO Power achieved

Hello All LEO Lovers, We all love staking our tokens, WHY ? Because this is really cool way to increase your power and show your belief…

Embracing Possible End Of The Bull Run, Possible Mt.Gox Dump Soon

It’s that time of the crypto season where we need to be realistic with oursleves and accept the fact that the bear season is here and the…

Crypto & NFT Influence On Pop Culture & Paparazi

NFTs are changing the game in the world,just as the prices are over emphasized, we can’t help but notice some corrections it’s helping…

Underwater bags and freedom

This week has been brutal to many more than they had ever expected. Even the biggest whales who normally do not fall into the traps of the…

The Death Of What Never Started

Facebook(Meta) has been trying its best to get involved in the crypto space for more than 2 years, but unfortunately it has not been a…

This Is The Time You Wished You Saved Some StableCoin

It’s the best season, it’s about that time of the year where everyone will be talking about the market’s bearish movement. All the coins…

Splinterlands Overview

Join Today! Over the last couple of months, I have

On self and finance #3: Ripping Open The Money Matrix

Money rule number 1 Money creates more money. That's the name of the game of money. Not all forms of money though. With tod

A New Year's Resolution You Can Actually Stick to; Savings

Source This right here is very personal to me because this is something I have constantly dealt with. Here’s why, there’s the thought…

Random Wide Thought About Bitcoin Dip And The Crypto Bear Market.

I and a fellow Hiver @deraaa who's a good friend of mine, we met here on Hive, I like the love and passion she has toward Hive and…

It’s that time of the season again

Once again, some people’s prayers have been answered but as usual, they are too scared to take that step. This just shows that truly it’s…

Thought it was a serious relationship, why the heartbreak big bulls?

source Well we are aware now that the big bears are down, the dip keeps dipping and it’s not a new thing as it has h

Ask Leo: How Do You Cope When The Market Is In Red

The market has been in constant red, just when you think it’s getting better, it goes dipper. The dip keeps having a dip, while this is…

Dacia Duster - To Buy Or Not To Buy?

Hey BRO fam, what's up? I cashed out some of my crypto holding the past month so I can FINALLY buy a decent car and after a ton of…