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Red market is for buying

Hi everyone, it was a very busy day today, and I did not have time to check the market and the news, and glad I'm that I didn't. Why…

This Is Why CryptoExchanges Are Shutting Down In South Korea

As part of the country’s new regulations for companies that are involved with digital assets, any company that didn’t meet the…

Celebrities Are Investing In A Decentralized Blockchain Music Streaming Platform

The world is evolving and changing, it’s right the music industry benefit from this change and technology. If you are a music lover and…


Hello everyone, my name is Fadipe Monioluwa, I go by the name @monioluwa here on Hive. This is my application for the newbies…

Errors that drive away abundance in our lives

Many times we make mistakes on a regular basis that condemns us to remain poor, since by not changing habits, thoughts in our lives we…

Coinbase Succumbs To SEC’s Law Suit Threat : Can HBD Be An Option?

Coin base initially announced that it will be launching a lend feature that will enable their USDC(A stablecoin) to earn passive income of…

Recruiting New Hive Users, One Rookie At A Time

Today was quite an eventful day for me, had the opportunity to talk about Hive and cryptocurrency to some one who has no idea what…

Why Binance suspended some Nigerian users account

Source Due to recent scam update, Binance has suspended the accounts of some Nigerian users account with suspicious activit

FTX Acquires SEC Certification In Bahamas

FTX has been seen making a lot of moves through its acquisitions and partnerships, but leaning with regulators is one of their greatest…

Songbird (Flare Networks testnet) is live

So, if you remember back a year or two (or more?)... Ripple (XRP) holders were asked to make a

Security or Anonymity

People like to say you can be anonymous and have security. I would like to believe this but recently I have had to deal with something…

Crypto Analysis | DXY and BTC

Good day Hiveians! Join me in analyzing the crypto markets!   The DXY and BTC are inversely correlated Just these past few weeks…

Cryptocurrency’s Inevitability Is Gradually Happening

Few weeks ago PayPal announced to their UK users that they will be given access to buy, sell and hold bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies…

Hop Exchange (L2->L2 Bridge)

Ethereum Layer 2s are really starting to take hold with the long awaited snarks and rollup ch

The Government Of El Salvador is Being Investigated On Bitcoin’s Law

The El Salvador’s government is being investigated by the El Salvador’s court of accounting. We have seen how the president and his…

Earn free $30 in 10 minutes with Coinbase 'Earn and Learn' Program

I'm pretty sure most of you have heard or used Coinbase.com but in case you don't Coinbase is one of the largest Cryptocurrency…

Bitcoin Bulls Back In Control, As They Steal $47k From The Bears.

Image by AaronJOlson After days of struggling between the Bitcoin Bulls and the Bears, the bulls finally have taking over after hi

Crypto Analysis | Heads Up For a Potential 30%+ drop for Hive

Good day Hiveians! Join me in analyzing the crypto markets!   *Note: I wrote this post last night before the 10% drop today (as you…

1,200% Growth In Bitcoin Adoption In Africa Within A Year

Few weeks ago I heard the Nigerian government will be developing the country’s very own CBDC(Central Bank Digital Currency). It’s going to…

NFT Communities Suit Up Their Avatar To Celebrate Christie’s Auction

It all started with one tweet from a bored ape yacht club member. This member suited his bored ape up to celebrate the Christie’s auction…