LEO Tokenomics

Crypto goals and success - Say it out loud or keep silent?

We all have goals in crypto and hope to reach success out of it and we put quite some energy into it. And I see two kind of people that…

I am a crypto HODLer so am I ill or what?

As the gold is for some of us, cryptocurrencies are for others like some shiny stones (even if digitally) that simply conquered the hearts…

My blogging principles on HIVE blockchain

Hive blockchain simply allow content creators to make themselves a living on a great platform, launch businesses and group up in powerful…

Cryptocurrencies will keep on rising as long as banks will be printing money

I think that by now cryptocurrencies proved to the world that they are the future monetary systems and countries and central banks need to…

Hive engagement through gamification and merit badges

Hive blockchain is the perfect ecosystem for content creators which can express their creativity, engagement and networking within…

Adapting To A New Way Of Working

It's interesting to read one of the posts on Leofinance about the changing nature of work

Hive Progress Report on 29-August-2021

Hive blockchain offers so many earnings methods through the established communities from here that once you join them and if you are being…

Splinterlands | Full Guide To Blogging For New Players!

Splinterlands is not only a Play2Earn game, it also offers a vibrant community where players have to potential to earn something from

The Hive 7-Day Challenge

In July, I celebrated my fourth year on the blockchain, witnessing the evolution from Steemit to Hive. In that time span, I've written…

There Can Be Only One (Domain-- the Publishing Domain)

When we post content, it's important we publish it using the right domain and its front-end. Even if we tag it for other places, it need…

Hive blockchain has its own identity and destiny

Hive blockchain hard forked from Steem as an expression of freedom with the goal of being truly decentralized and empowering users and…

Hive Progress Report on 05-September-2021

Hive blockchain lives amazing times as its token hit a new all-time high up to $1.06 based on the CoinGecko data. The growth in this…

The Hive 7-Day Challenge COMPLETED!

I'm proud to announce that as of the publishing of this post, I've completed my 7-Day Challenge. For the first time since I joined our…

Your ultimate goal in crypto

I was at lunch with some friends and as I am rooted in cryptocurrencies the discussion got into it quite quickly. Don't get me wrong, my…

Dealing With Writer's Block? Try Reading Some Posts

Writing is an activity that is not born spontaneously, there is a creative process before someone starts writing. For serious and in-depth…

Second layer tokens Voting Power on Hive blockchain

Communities are ruling the Hive blockchain and they are pulling tremendous power over the network. They can influence everything around…

I am staking LEO like it is hot bread

I am bullish on LEO and I am staking everything like it is hot bread as I believe great times are ahead of us. If you didn't digest the…

My Blogger Income August 2021 A New Daily Routine

Content Creation Blogs Publish0x : $8.27 of Farm, and AMPL. [**Publi

Hive Progress Report on 12-September-2021

My journey on HIVE blockchain continues and I am advancing on all fronts by piling up both HIVE, HBD, and second layer tokens from all…

Ndakavenga miniti yega yega yekudzidziswa, asi ndakati Usarega. Tambur ...

Ndakavenga miniti yega yega yekudzidziswa, asi ndakati Usarega. Tambura izvozvi urarame hupenyu hwako hwese semhare #ctp #palnet…