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Leofinance: Time To Up Our Game

Leofinance.io is the flagship of the entire Leofinance ecosystem. This is something that was talked about repeatedly in the Leo Round…

Daily Report Twitter Campaign June 17, 2021

Not much time today Today is a day when I have not been online much, and therefore little time to search LeoFinance for the good blogs I…

Bad News for Publish0x? We Think Not.

Publish0x COO, Igor Tomić, laments the crypto-fuelled blogging platform's decision to do some house cleaning and start running on its own…

Daily Twitter Campaign 15 juni 2021

So much variety The variety today at LeoFinance was again well present after a bit of searching. I honestly didn't pay much attention to…

Daily Twitter Campaign 13 juni 2021

Twitter Report The third Twitter report is here. Today a short report, and not five but four links. The weekend is too short to sit in…

¿Puede un hiver ermitaño ser exitoso? || Can a hermit hiver be successful?

Muchos deseamos alcanzar el éxito. De hecho, parecemos obsesionados con ese tema. En una era donde la moda del bienestar, la motivación…

18 Legit Ways To Make Money Online

You may have several reasons for making money online. It may be that working in your peace and place, being financially independent, and…

Crypto Meme of the Day

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SoundGuys June 2021 Giveaway

SoundGuys is an independent online publication that is a voice for the world of consumer audio users across the world. Their

My Blogger Income April 2021 Less Blogging Chasing The Bull Market

Content Creation Blogs Publish0x : $23 of ETH, Farm, and AMPL. [**Publish0x


Time is the duration between events. Time can also be said to mean the duration of existence of anything so it should be managed…

My Blogger Income May 2021 End of The Previous Bull Market but More Newcomers

Content Creation Blogs Publish0x : $0 of ETH, Farm, and AMPL. [ Publish0x Writing Competition ](

Hive/LeoFinance Account Maintenance

Does anyone ever take time to clean up their HIVE account? I'm inching closer to the 4 year mark on HIVE so it's once again come time to…

Lost 80% of my capital || Sharing my novice crypto experience.

This was my first article on publish0x when I started blogging and I'm very excited to share it here. But the event, this article is…

Is It Worth Posting to SplinterTalk?

I've got a bit of a soft spot for the Splintertalk Platform which specialises in Splnterlands related content (with the occasional…

Generating Passive Income Through Blogging

Everything is possible in the crypto realm. And this is one of the main reasons why I'm always super-bullish about the future of the…

Leofinance Twitter Report June 9, 2021

Leofinance Twitter Report June 9, 2021 Community growth When I came across @trumpman's post in which he suggests the idea of…

Leofinance Twitter Report June 9, 2021

Community growth When I came across @trumpman's post in which he suggests the idea of ​​doing a lot more Twitter promotion, I was…

Why I’m Going To m to Start Self Voting (for a little bit)

Note: all Photography in this post is my own I am aware that self voting is frowned upon. I’ve never been compelled to self vote, even…

Would you stop using a platform because of the behaviour of its owner?

Disclaimer: I do not condone "cancel culture" behaviour. Disagreeing with the opinions of the individual discussed in this article is…