LEO Tokenomics

What have we done?

Hello, First of all, I think you are all fine during this pandemic time. I hope to write a summary (I wish this might be a summary) about…

Leak -- Compromised MEMO key successfully protected

❗❗❗ 💀 ⚠️ 💀 ⚠️ ❗❗❗ It's a new day and another user leaked one of their private keys into the Hive Blockchain.

Who Let the Dogs Out

This is really pathetic to see these bots kind of bullying people on HIVE. Whoever runs the @spaminator bot is really seems like an…

20% Fixed Profit For Burning VAULT Tokens To @VAULT.BURN - Latest Update

Hello Hives, Now it's time to share the news of our latest Curation bot feature - Burn VAULT Tokens to receive 20% - Fixed Profitable…

He openly declared war on the bot

As the title of my article is called, I have declared war on any user who uses a bot in the proofofbrain exchange, since as a result of…

I present to you the owner of the bots that are sinking the price of POB

As you know, I have been fighting for a few days against the two bots that are sinking the price of POB with a bot in two different…

Drama Gem Discovered

I found this little gem a couple days ago. Should have shared i

Those who use the bot in POB have no idea how to use it

It is incredible that there are people like @gimme-your-coinz, @solovey6o2, @freebornsociety, @take-my-coinz, @bluesniper that they are…

My particular war against bots, they are paying off

Hello everyone, I make this article to give you information about my particular war against the bots that are in the exchange. As I…