LEO Tokenomics

Play To Earn - Splinterlands Value Skyrockets

Play To Earn Splinterlands When it comes to the gaming community fun along with value come hand in hand. As value increases for a

Why DeFi Is The Future

Why DeFi Is The Future DeFi is the future ever since I learned about it because of CubDeFi I've been hooked ever since. The reason…

My Second Memoir Coming This year

I've been a bit silent here on hive the last few weeks as I've been crushing it on new projects which I'm excited to start sharing with…

Mega Corps Are Getting In On Crypto

Mega Corps Buy and Create Crypto It should go as no surprise that mega corps like Paypal, Amazon, Tesla and others are heavily involved…

My Rising Star Collection Power.

My Rising Star Collection Power. Few days ago when I am writing a post about my game collection , it come ,across to my mind what is my…

Crytpo Exposure Is Wanted, Stablecoins Are Holding It Back

More Crypto Exposure Is Needed If you are a big time investor

Crypto Winter or Primed For Rally?

Crypto Winter or Primed Rally? When it comes to cryptocurrency

Are Stable Coins Killing The Crypto Dream?

Stable Coins Could Be Killing The Crypto Dream As much as we have all started to love stable coins I question if it's starting to lead…

Staking 1200 POB - 67 in the Richlist !

I staked 1200 POB and I get a delegation of 150. Now I have 1350 POB power being 67 in the richlist here POB richlist *Pr

Why to care about APR ?

*I've noticed so many investors caring so much about APR - Annual Percentage Rate. While I don't notice a lot of talking about MPR -…

Bitcoin supply shock is currently at levels that previously priced Bitcoin at $50-$60K.

Bitcoin supply shock is currently at levels that previously priced Bitcoin at $50-$60K. ![img_0.1661645722945463.jpg](

Astral Entities and MuTerra presale

Astral Entities and MuTerra presale. I come across 2 games that are going to be presale soon and both is looking enticing to me to…

When ProjectBlank

When ProjectBlank Before I say some thing ,I will like to share some screen shot Noise.cash Current Alexa rank ![image.png

Another best time to buy hive !

In the previous month I bought 1000 hive and kept them for more than 30 days. After buying that, I wrote this post : [It's the best time…

My Curation power: From 0 to >$1 daily ,gradually.

My Curation power: From 0 to >$1 daily ,gradually. When I first joined the platform I was always amazed by the capability of user's…

The GBTC market price continued to trade at a notable discount

Bitcoin back in the trading range with a big green candle. Elon Musk made some positive comments and that pumped BTC price. Bitcoin need…

Bethany walks away in my Rising Star career + CARD GIVEAWAY

Quadruplets Four Bethanys (Bethanies? Bethany's!) among my crew. That's potentially more action than I can handle, so one of you gets to…

My new strategy in POB tribe !

*I created a post recently about the posts I created in proofofbrain tribe and the value I tried to bring to it. For more details, check…

Reasons to curate manually !

There are so many reasons to curate manually ! I would like to divide them on community and personal reasons …

HBD is above $1, the 10% is good!

I supported the 10% APY since the beginning, but I was second guessing myself and thinking if that would not increase the supply too much…