LEO Tokenomics

Who are the Gold and Silver Stackers?

One may stack silver and gold in several ways. There are a few are average stackers who buy a little silver and gold every month…

So much Happening right now! What should I do?!?

Source The Hive ecosystem is going bonkers! We've got airdrops and IDO's and NFT'

Will the SEC finally approve a Spot Bitcoin ETF?


Molly And Another Set Of Silver Coins - Poor Girl

I Just Couldn’t Resist .. I was actually taking a couple of pictures for a blog post I wanted to do on these

Hammered Heart: Hand Poured Silver Bar No.95

"The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart." Presenting....a…

BB Heart Bar: Hand Poured Silver Bar No.94

When Hiho Silver acquired his business name, he started using it in the 1 and 2 ounces rectangular bars and Heart Bars hand pours. This…

That Market is on Period, but guess who‘s not? DEFI. Every coin has a ...

That Market is on Period, but guess who‘s not? DEFI. Every coin has a flipside and Stable Coin Staking is the new Bear Market’s Bull…

HIVE portfolio weekly updates and December targets - Day 65

I am the proud owner of more than 10K CUB, and now I will focus on reaching 10K LEO. Still loading my passive income token bags, with more…

November by numbers - my crypto rewards, staking and crypto-income - Day 62

Splinterlands pre-sale was a success, with 700 packs bought which means that I am up to receive a mandatory 14 Airdrop cards on every step…

#MyHiveGoals - Grow Your Stake Now, You'll Be Glad You Do!

Something I've noticed which I'm sure the rest of the community is well aware of as well... Crypto people LOVE price! When a certain

Meet the Bakers

Meet the Bakers. Lawson and Kimora. As far as I can discern, they are the only married couple to both be featured in HivePunks. Talk…

PsyberX is Coming....

There is another new game in development that seems to be creating quite the buzz behind the scenes. It is called #PsyberX and it's bei

I 💗 U.S. Constitutional Silver

Every month, I get a few dollars in face value of these lovely silver coins. It doesn't matter the condition of the silver coins nor the…

Hive--A Cornucopia of Plenty

Source Thanksgiving. My favorite holiday of the year. A day (really an entire

2021 Australia Silver Coat of Arms

The Australia Coat of Arms is a new silver series introduced by the Royal Australian Mint. 2021 Australia Silver Coat of Arms Coin…

HIVE and LEO: You Only "Miss" if you Don't Play

![HiveLogo20210310 005131.gi

HIVE over $1B Mkt Cap and Climbing Towards Top 100

Source Holy Moonshot, Batman!!! Hive just keeps pumping. Up to $3.25 and who knows whe

2021 St. Helena Silver Chinese Trade Dollar

In 1873, the United States Trade Dollar were struck for use in export trade with Asia and much of the beginning production was exported to…

Englehard Prospector Silver Rounds for #piratesunday

Look at this naturally toning silver round! 1 oz Silver Round - Engelhard Prospector (Eagle Reverse) The third year of issue of