LEO Tokenomics

LEO Roundtable Returns! | CUB Updates, LeoBridge, LeoFinance and The Future of the Project

It's been a while since our last episode of the LEO Roundtable. The community has been asking for it left and right for the past several…

LeoFinance UI Update | Kingdoms, CUB, Marketing and Communication

We've had a crazy 5-6 weeks of development surrounding CUB, LeoFinance and LeoBridge. There is a disconnect that has been brought up in…

What's Going to Stop the Decline of the Cub price?

If you're in Cub you've noticed the pretty rapid decline in price over the last day or so, related to the declining Total Value Locked in…

How to cancel or unblock transactions on BSC (or Ethereum)

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Introducing LeoBridge: Permissionless Cross-Chain Swaps ERC20 -> BEP20

Everything in DeFi moves at a ridiculously fast pace. People expect the world to change overnight, contracts to be written in minutes and…

Daily Transactions - BSC vs Ethereum blockchain

The number of transactions is becoming an issue fast on the Binance Smart Chain. In the last days, there were periods when it was…

Everything you need to know about LeoFinance and the LEO token.

This will be a comprehensive overview of the most important things to note about Leofinance and the LeoFinance ecosystem. Leofinance is…

BSC got you down? Simple fix

I get that BSC is clogged but its still hella cheaper then ETH so this is what I did to get my transactions through. I have a handful of…

$NFTC Softcap Reached & Huge Token Burn Update

CaifuNFT team thrilled to announce that it has reached its soft cap goal earlier this week and continues the presale round 2 starting from…

(BSC) Learn how to identify possible shitcoin scam | by Andrewmusic

(MC 394 M, LP 3,567) English

A Week of BSCBridge | Over 10k volume!

It has been roughly a week since the inception of the BSCBridge 2.0 with the introduction of the HIVE <> BNB conversion. (Both…

CUB LIFE - Making De-Fi Easy & Hassle Free

Background De-Fi (Decentralized Finance) has been the strong pick of this bull run. We can definitely see ETH Defi taking off to the…

Downvoting, a tough call to make

Hive is a curious beast. I find it strange that one should be worried about short form content by fear of milking the reward pool. How…

One BSC Address, Many #defi Sites

From left to right and from top to bottom: PancakeSwap LimeSwap PantherSwap * referral link CubFinance ![](

DeFi Facades

Just like many, I jumped on the Binance Smart Chain bandwagon. A new blockchain is similar to the Tardis, it always seems rather pointless…

What this recent platform update means for LEO

LeoFinance has recently updated their platform, and it looks sleeker than ever! there's more rounded off interfaces, as well as newer…

Three places to park your BNB with no impermanent loss...

I've decided I don't want to pool any of my BNB anymore, as I've lost at least a couple to Impermanent Loss, gaining more of the (frankly…

CUBs Giveaway Results + My First Experience in a "Rug Pull" (Must Read Tips + Tricks for all BSC Users)

Hey everyone! Hope you're all enjoying your weekend. I have been meaning to do the distribution of my previous giveaway for the…

Everything you need to know about CubFinance and the CUB token.

In my last article here , I explained the top things to note about LeoFinance. Now in this article, I will describe the top things you…

My First NFT

So, Today I tried to mint [my First NFT](