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Overview Of The Key Metrics On The Binance Smart Chain | Wallets, Transactions, Tokens, Contracts | October 2021

Overview Of The Key Metrics On The Binance Smart Chain | Wallets, Transactions, Tokens, Contracts | October 2021 The Binance Smart Chain…

MetaHero - A BSC cryptocurrency backed by a physical 3D scanner

Metahero (HERO) is a BSC cryptocurrency that is backed by a physical 3D scanner that can scan real-life humans into avatars or any other…

Binance Launchpad - Turning 0.02 BNB into 0.47 BNB and making x22 profit

Just a week ago I have written about Binance Launchpad opportunities and the success of the projects that raise funds through this…

AFIT AIRDROP: Step-by-step guide + Metamask installation and configuration for the BSC / Guida Passo Passo + Installazione e Configurazione Metamask(ENG/ITA)

The Actifit and Metamask logos are property of their respective owners - Edit by @libertycrypto27- Font us

NFT Giveaway: Binance AI-generated CryptoArt NFT "Your fee is our opportunity" on NFT Showroom 🤩

Binance (BNB, BSC) als Non-Fungible Art Token (NFT). Binance wurde 2017 von Changpeng Zhao gegründet und ist seit 2018 die größte…

Wormhole: Solana's bridge with Ethereum, BSC and Terra

In the near future, there will be hundreds, perhaps thousands of different blockchains for which it will be essential to use cross-chain…

Planet Finance - A BSC DEFI project with some attractive stable pooling options....

I've been digging around for a decent place to stick some more stable coins as I do like to be diversified and Planet Finance offers…

20 Hours To Actifit Airdrop Snapshot! Setup Your Wallets Today!

As announced last week, on October 26th we will be giving away an airdrop to our committed actifitters and hiveans! Deadline to setup…

Binance Invests In BiSwap - NFT Market Soon

Binance is putting a lot of mone

Your Free AFIT Airdrop on BSC is HERE! Setup Your Wallets Before October 26

AFIT Airdrop Incoming! Get Ready. As we are extremely excited to be expanding Actifit onto Binance Smart Chain & launching Actifit DeFi…

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) To Introduce New Real-Time Fee Burning Mechanism, What Does It Mean?

A new real-time burn mechanism called BEP-95 has been introduced for Binance Smart Chain. If the BEP-95 introduced on Binance Chain Github…

[삼국지] TTK 추가 장수들 전부 1성이라니

최소 3명 전투 가능이라고 해서 두팀 생각하고 5명 고용했는데 전부 1성이 나왔네요 ㅠㅠ 11월에 게임오픈 과연 어떤 게임을 보여줄지 궁금하면서 기대되는 삼국지입니다. 예전에 하던 삼국지 시리즈를 생각하면 그래픽 크게 욕심부리지…

[P2E] Dragon warrior 의 GON+ 가격

현재의 가스비가 0.0025BNB인걸 생각하면 더이상 게임을 할 이유가 없는 수준으로 떨어졌습니다. P2E는 사실 게임의 모양을 한 고이율 DeFi라는게 제 생각인데 이 게임이 딱 그렇게 흘러가고 있습니다. 높은 곡괭이 가격으로 유지되다가…

[Epichero] 2주차 올림푸스-13시간전

에픽히어로 토큰은 현재 1.2$대를 유지하고 있습니다. Thoreum 은 0.017 두 토큰 모두 박스권에서 움직이고 있습니다. 현재 새로운 히어로들이 판매되고 있으며 두번째 콘텐츠라고 할 수 있는 올림푸스도 곧 열립니다. 이번에는…

Glitter Finance 投资者聚光: Oracles投资集团(Oracles Investment Group)

Glitter Finance 开始为即将推出的跨链流动性桥招募支持者和风投。 我们很高兴地宣布 Glitter Finance 与 Oracles Investment Group (OIG)的合作伙伴关系。一个致力于优化和提振区块链桥接所有优势的

Jadeite is the epitome of favorable deflation on the Binance smart chain

Introduction The term cryptocurrency was derived from encryption procedures that are used to obtain an association. Cryptographic…

Alien Worlds - The metaverse reawakens and is on a clear mission

Alien Worlds is a free play2earn game on WAX blockchain that created a sci-fi metaverse where players compete for scarce Trilium (TLM)…

The Dark Energy Crystal Rabbit Hole Deepens... Exploring The Buyback Wallet

On my last post entitled "Why I Am EXTREMELY Bullish On Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) This Month" I talked about how I am very confident…

Checking In On Our BNB-BUSD Trade - Breakout Confirmed!

We have confirmed the BNB breakout that we referred to in the last post! We jumped into the trade at $367 and happy about

How User Friendly Binance Smart Chain DeFi Ecosystem is Today?

Previously, I wrote about [how Avalanche C-Chain became as user friendly as other decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem](