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Should I buy the Bitcoin dip?

Buying the Bitcoin dip by dollar cost averaging your position is a great long-term strategy. Do you believe in the decen

The Weekly BITCOIN Guessing Game

* Hello and welcome to this SPinvest post SPinvest is a tokenized investment fund/club for all users of social blockchains. Everyone is…

Mining in Miami

Sun, sand, water and beach bodies come to mind when I think of Miama. Also what comes to mind is scar face, what a great movie that was. I…

Bitcoin Ringrazia la Cina!

Ciao Amici!


source To the purist of crypto and blockchain, you may believe that bank in general are against all forms of crypto like bitcoin…

Where are we now in this BTC cycle?

Many bearish technical patterns started to show after a large run up of BTC and alts in 2021, death crosses and head and shoulder pattern…

BTC Reversal To A New All-Time High?

We've just had a another retrace recently, BTC is at the $35.9k- $36k region and no one knows where it's going to go from here. We know…

🎥 Обзор Криптовалютного Рынкa | 21.06.2021

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Здравствуйте, дорогие зрители! Сегодня я поделился своим взглядом о 'Death Cross'-

Apparently We Are All Idiots

I was looking through the current news cycle on crypto tanking and something I always somewhat noticed became all the more clear to me.…

📈 Daily TA: Bitcoin (BTC/USD) | 21-06-2021

Hello, dear members of LeoFinance! The pressure on the prices of the major cryptocurrencies continues. Right now, the price of Bitcoin…

BTC emergency update 20.06.2021

You are not going to like todays content of my post, but EW-Theory is clear on this one. We need to defend the 30k line or face another…

📈 Daily TA: Bitcoin (BTC/USD) | 18-06-2021

Hello, dear members of LeoFinance! It seems that the pressure on the price of Bitcoin continues. In the daily chart (1D)…

How is your crypto journey mentally going?

Boom, more blood in the streets today. China FUD and the miners shutting down today to move to the US mainland to redeem their business…

BTC Updates: Lightning Network, Capacity Jump, Taproot Upgrade

The largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is set to get its first major update in four years with the Taproot Upgrade. **Increased…

🎥 Cryptocurrency Market Overview | 23.06.2021

Hello, dear Blockchain people! In this video, I analyzed in detail the price chart of Bitcoin (BTC/USD), by using Technical and…


The setting is negative. I would try a red target purchase in the 32533 area with target 34065. As per the tables. ![Immagine…

What make btc not go to 44k?

Hey folks! did you have a nice day at btc, yeah i hope you enjoy it..lol..a few days ago btc has bared its fangs to go to 44k but now btc…

La unidad de negocios de la Cámara de Comercio de Malta responde a las acusaciones de poca supervisión sobre las empresas de criptomonedas

"Retratar este sector como uno que no está sujeto a una supervisión adecuada no es un reflejo de la realidad y no hace justicia al trabajo…

We stand, we hold, we're having laser eyes until 100K [ENG-ESP]

ENG These past two months have been a nightmare for cryptocurrency holders. Many of us have lost money . Certainly, our…

[ESP /ING] El mercado de criptomonedas sigue en canal bajista. / The cryptocurrency market is still in a bearish channel.

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