LEO Tokenomics

The Everything Season

The total crypto market capitalization is sitting at a bit over $2.6 trillion and Ethereum has claimed $4,000 this weekend. Will it hold…

My Bull Market Regrets and My Best Accomplishment So Far

The title of this post sounds like the bull market is over and I'm blue or anything about my crypto investing results, and that might be…

We should enjoy the ALT season as long as we can

Many coins are having their party lately. Most of the altcoins have shown great growth in the last few weeks. Especially the ones that we…

Buy When There's Blood On The Streets, If You Dare...

...But who's actually buying crypto at the discounts the market has offered us recently? I'd say not too many, although there have been…

Ecco Quando Finirà il Bull Market!

Ciao Amici!

Not financial advice but....

I realize that to some people, last night was just brutal. The sell off was an eerie reminder of the 2018 bloodbath, while at the same…

"Bitcoin is Going To Hell". Who's Afraid of The Bear Market?

We will never see a sub $50k Bitcoin again ... That was the narrative quite a few were subscribing to, just a few weeks ago when BTC was…

Montagne Russe: HODLare o Vendere?

Ciao Amici!

AskLeo - Will You Ever Cash Out Every Crypto You Hold?

As much as I enjoy this crypto market and am confident about the potential upside movements that are awaiting for us in the following…

Not Quite There Yet...

The crypto market has become so quiet after the pull back lately and despite many of the prominent names in crypto, especially crypto…

A Comparison Between Bull Markets

Source: The horizontal scale indicates days from the beginning of each bull market. The vertical scale is the price of Bitcoin on a…

Self Created Adversities

A few days ago I was thinking how great it would be if the crypto bull market would last forever. If that era of abundance that…

Never Succumb To FOMO Or FUD

Image Source I'm firmly in the camp of those who believe in doing your research before a bull market and identifying projects you want…

Settled. Gold 2.0 Is The Choice

Two days ago I had a post narrating about some Jewish formula of managing one's finances and in that post I have also mentioned that…

10X in Works. Catch it While You Can

I'm already four years in crypto and have yet scored a 10X on any of my holdings. I have either been unlucky, dumb enough not to hold any…

AskLeo - What Are You Going To Do In The Next Crypto Bear Market?

This may be a bit premature to ask since not even the ongoing bull market is over, yet. Some people say we are 2/3 through it while others…

Officially Alt Season

This might seem like a duh moment for some, but for me, it just got confirmed. Why? Well, because things are playing out almost exactly as…

The Doge we made along the way...

A while ago, I mentioned how I sold some Doge at around $0.21 or so. Some might say that I sold too early, but that's all relative…

Watch Out For Those Massive Gains

Bitcoin's latest halving occurred about a year ago and ever since its inception(Bitcoin's), this event has been a catalyst for massive…

Will A Stronger Dollar Crash Bitcoin?

Tony Spilotro on NewBTC often writes contrarian views. Just five hours ago he wrote a piece in which pointed out that the DXY, which is…