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No whale, still beached

Binance are changing their max withdrawal for unverified accounts from 2 BTC a day, down to 0.06 BTC a day. While I don't think I have…

A World’s Giant Investment bank; Goldman Sachs showing their ignorance of Blockchain and DEFI!!

As crypto enthusiasts we definitely should know something of what is Blockchain, and Decentralised Finance, but can you believe that Wall…

SCHOOL, DEGREE AND MONEY || The Infinite Possibilities the Internet has to Offer!!!

The reason why people go to school is to obtain a degree, and why do they need a degree? so they can get a good job that can provide the…

How Far The Mighty Have Fallen

source The Airline has become somewhat of a joke these days and is not taken seriously by anyone. South African Airways announced…

Quitting: The Come Back To The Office Equalizer

This is one of the most fascinating paradigm shift that took place in the business world in a long time. COVID-19 changed a lot of…

Harvesting Redcurrancy, Yielding Cryptocurrency

The current currant is the redcurrant. We have a small bush in the garden and today was harvest day, yielding around about three liters…

Expect new Crypto currency CBDC in October 1, 2021 as an Investor

As a vibrant investor of crypto, I think this should be a wonderful opportunity for you by considering how to plan, secure, and investin

UK Using Daily Tests in Food Market to Tackle Pingdemic

Businesses in the UK are worried about shortages along with millions [of people living in the region](

The Millionaire's Mindset (Final Part)

Unsplash Hello everyone, it's been a wonderful series - The Millionaire's mindset


Hello and Good morning to you all I hope you all had a good night rest. image source In this life everyone has time, for everyone…

All Problems Can Be Overcome With Confidence

Are you doubting yourself? If this is the case this is natural. But dissolved in doubt will make you sink even more. You will not be able…

HIVE: Accountable Business Performance Quarterly Outcome Review

Image Source Analysis: HIVE is generally recognized as Hive Blockchain Technologies Ltd. that is owned, based, and properly managed…

Why Dow Jones Industrial stock price getting down

On Monday the financial exchange is set for a lower open. Dow Jones Industrial Average fates have dropped 101 focuses . USA and China…

Who is Terry Gou ?

Terry Gou is the billionaire founder of Taiwan's Foxconn

How To Make Your Money Work For You

How To Make Your Money Work For You In todays blog I'm going to show you the best ways you can make your money work for you. This is one…

European stocks are Getting Sightly Higher

Source Euro zone maker costs assembled pace in May on the rear of rising energy costs, Euro detail uncovered on Friday. Manufacturing…

Creating Deadlines As An Entrepreneur

Image source - Pixabay It's a problem of all, we most times tak

Americans order food away from home roughly 6x per week

For millions of Americans today they are eating out at restaurants on [average abou

When There's A Will

Unsplash When there's a will, there's almost always a way. This is a simple

Challenges we encounter in business

I always love talking about business because of the numerous experience I have gotten from it. One thing that you must know is that nobody…