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Is Asset Allocation Really Important When It Comes To Investment?

You see people are getting good returns investing in a particular asset, you jump in there. You also start getting a return from that…

A War of Economic Attrition

In a recent post, I mentioned in passing what kind of affect demanding payment in Bitcoin/ crypto might have. For example if a startup…

The Delights Of Working In A Family Business

source Personally I will never entertain the thought of working in a family business ever again. The idea sounds awesom

The Crypto Market Is So Volatile, Is It Safe To Invest In Crypto?

When someone looks at the crypto market for the first time, the first reaction you will get is that it is too volatile. That's true. The…

One Mistake That Can Destroy Your Capital In Trading

▶️ Watch on 3Speak When you make money in trading, you feel great.

Struggling To Save For Retirement

Americans on average have been found to have about $62k in savings, but there are other surveys that place it a lot lower. Some have found…

The Cost of Doing Business

Development So for the first time in almost a year (summer 2021) I opened up MySQL workbench and my Node.JS files and actually got my…

Solana & Coin collateral

The Sоlаnа coin iѕ a native coin on thе ѕаmе-nаmеd blockchain. It саn bе uѕеd tо assure thе execution оf smart соntrасtѕ and decentralized…

Minimizing Losses as a Crypto Trader

I аm not an expert also whеn it соmеѕ to trаding, but I knоw a thing or two аbоut trаding operations, I hаd tо encourage him bу tеlling…

Spotlight on an Invested Personality

Not a great quality image for this post to be sure, but considering it was taken in the dark on my phone with a 10x zoom on it - it is…

How I Quit My First Job And Get Into Entrepreneurship...

One of the most uttered word in chess is checkmate. It's the word a victor says when he/she makes the winning move. Life sometimes does…

About the art of fundraising... 💸

I have a big problem with fundraising...can't do it to save my life, not these days, not without a video editor. I never take on a…

10% better, 100% better off

They say to dress 10% better than those you are dealing with in order to be professional, but not overdo it. I wonder what 10% worse…

Hope Decreasing As Inflation Rises

As the cost of living increases and inflation gets worse around the world it is playing a critical role in diminishing the hope of many.…

My Current Financial Situation is Scary.. I fear Retirement

Retirement is one goal for anyone who has done a long time of working and toiling. For some people it is done when there are gray hairs on…

Super Secret Sources

Back in high school, part of my English classes (not language learning) was a semester on Bias in the Media and I think that it had a…

Don't Be A People Pleaser

Pexels There are many reasons

Your Mind is your Steering Wheels to Your Financial Goal

The truth is that humans are programmed to survive, after which we start to look at how to be prosperous but more to this are a lot of…

About Anxiety in the Blockchain Workplace 😰

The thing about blockchain is that there are basically no limits to it. Blockchain is everywhere, it could be in the software used to make…

Podcasting Market Keeps Growing

As more people look to shift entertainment habits these days it might mean picking up more interest in podcasts over traditional shows or…