LEO Tokenomics

Building Block Societies and the Demand for Value

What are you willing to pay for? More importantly perhaps, who are you willing to pay? I believe that in order to earn value in this…

Beware, or Take Care of the Bear?

I have always said that my goal in crypto as far as personal finance goes, is for it to be significantly lifechanging, which has meant…

Will Airbnb Ever Cater to Cannabis Hosts and Guests?

There is a need in the market for a platform that helps to connect cannabis users with cannabis friendly hotel stays or bed and breakfast…

The Creators of the Metaverse

This afternoon a near-no-coiner friend of mine sent me a link to listen to called, Uncomfortable Conversations with Josh Szeps - the…

Two Investments, One Platform

In my last post, I was looking at some hypothetical scenarios regarding inflation and how unless we are invested and have significant…

Broken influencers and the business models that break them

As a continuation from a post on social influence and Hive, this one will look a little at the negative sides of "click metrics" as…

Make No Mistake, This is a Revolution

An interesting conversation on wealth and inflation came up today with a client, and I ran some very simple numbers to illustrate some of…

Bitcoin just for the 1%?

David Dietze was on Bloomberg discussing bitcoin and gold recently and he noted that gold had been basically flat for the last decade.…

Tesla and Hertz: Electric Car Rental Market Gets a Big Boost

Hertz just placed an order for 100k Teslas in an effort to shake up the rental car market. Fresh out of bankruptcy this is the largest…

(Almost) an ATH - A short ramble

This is gonna by a freestyle write, as the topic I am not feeling the topic I was going to write about tonight, but still want to write.…

I have tried to take it easy

I was asked an interesting question a couple moment ago in regards to my general stance of focusing on the future, perhaps to the…

Growing Market for Veterinary Telemedicine Services

There is a shortage of veterinarians in the U.S. market and other regions face [the same problem](

How to go about investing in сrурtосurrеnсу

Investing in сrурtосurrеnсу Exреrtѕ in bаnking аnd оthеr fiеldѕ аrе уеt unаblе tо dеtеrminе thе аррrорriаtеnеѕѕ оf invеѕting in…

KO Boomer

In Australia, the amount of under 24s who own crypto has over doubled in the last 10 months, which means that it is around the 40% now.…

Announcement Far Too late

source South Africa is open for t

No Such Thing As Cheap Labor

source The National Unions Metal Workers South Africa or NUMSA for short is still creating havoc as the strike is now heading into it's…

The Broken Promise of the Cryptosphere: Are We ALWAYS Waiting to “Sell Our Stake?”

The last few months around LeoFinance, Hive and the greater Cryptosphere have been exciting, haven’t they? The community has quite…

Follow Your Heart In Business

As an entrepreneur, the world makes it seem like you have to always be logical and rational, and that there's no room for you to follow…

Strategy And Tactics In Business

Image source - Pixabay There should always be an overall goal in

Chaos At The Ports - An Interesting Scenario Playing Out Right Now

source This year has been a very weird year for logistics companies trying to land goods for their clients. The map above shows just…