LEO Tokenomics


Here's a fitting playlist to go in tune with today's markets: open.spotify.com/playlist/37i9dQZF1DZ06evO4hFQW1?si=1fe5ac81f9d749a9…


I'm buying the dip with BTC and STEEM. This is a "fire sale". After seeing friends get burned last year with ICO's (seriously I didn't buy…

Run for the hills! There is red everywhere!!

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Buy The Dip, it happens everyday after Airdrop distribution of SPS Tokens at noon Eastern Standard Time.

Interested in buying some SPS Tokens? Wait until noon EST or maybe 15 minutes after that. The Airdrops from the splinterlands happens at…

Ancora non l'avete capito? BUY THE DIP!!!

Oggi non ho molto da dire, solo che per me siamo ancora in trend estremamente bullish. Un pò di calli l'abbiamo fatti a questi…

Hmmmm.... Another Bitcoin Dip that appears to have Tesla written all over it.

I’m very suspicious of Elon Musk these days. Was this latest dip just another Elon Musk generated Meme ? It’s almost Perfect. What do…

Bitcoin Surge Will Cause Altcoins To Have A Mini-Midi Bull Run Too, Have You Bought The Altcoin Dips?

The Current BTC Price Chart Bittrex Global ![btc markets.PNG](

Crypto memes ... Hodl

So many great Crypto memes out there. Hodl on .... Source:

BITCOIN (BTC)💲 Technical Analysis Charts📈📉💹-$44780🆙

Here i have shared pictures of BTC charts in time frame of 15min , 1 hour, 1 day. BTC is currently trading around 44780 USD.…

How To 'Buy The Dip' Like A Pro

Markets are down and everyone is either panic selling or telling others to "buy the dip" but who is actually buying? How & What? With…

Huge Crypto Recovery Coming 👀💹📈 BITCOIN, ETHEREUM , SOLANA

Hey Everyone , So in this video we are going to know about and talk about CRYPTO market . We will also cover some of the important news…

Keep Holding and buying LIONs, time and dips will pass .

Keep Holding and buying LIONs, time and dips will pass . Last year (2020), When LeoFinance tribe migrated from steem to Hive , we saw a…

CUB Is Already Down To $3

Next Monday will be the day when the inflation rate of CUB will go from 2 CUB per block every three seconds to 1 CUB per block every three…

Trading Cryptocurrencies Is A Good Way To Earn From Home Amidst The CoViD-19 Pandemic

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Long term it will grow so do cost average now and buy low

Today another dip so I used the chance and bought some btc,eth and ada Unfortunately I do have almost nothing to invest as life [email protected] me…

Are You Buying or Are You Waiting?

Popular Crypto YouTuber, Lark Davis, tweeted this earlier today: Where are all of the people who were crying they missed out on

Back To The Lower Levels

source Looks like the whales wanted some cheaper Bitcoin and the only way to do th

It SIMs About Right

The day before yesterday, as we moved into the second part of the month and closer to dCity's 3rd edition, I went into some small SIM…

Economic heroism on the dip

I woke up this morning to a hundred messages in a Whatsapp group that was set up with the new crypto investors from work. Obviously, this…
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One day they considered the Internet itself just a bubble that will ex ...

One day they considered the Internet itself just a bubble that will explode one day... Don't forget that!! Hold #hive #btc #leo…