LEO Tokenomics

Let's Burn $3700 Worth Of Buds! - 07/12/2021

Nothing better than facts to show how cool our players are, lately we have been burning more BUDS than ever! Is even more cool if you…

U.R.F.A - New Hashkings Expansion - Factories #2

Ultimate Responsive Farming Assistant The future is today, human beings have been surpassed in

Understanding The Assets Flow of Hashkings

An economy is born when property rights exist, and the blockchain has allowed games like Hashkings to offer experiences in which players…

Announcing U.R.F.A - New Hashkings Expansion - FRAGMENTS#1

Ultimate Responsive Farming Assistant The future is today, human beings have been surpassed in

137 days until 4/20

99% of people never change their lives because they work their asses off all week and then party so hard Friday night they sit in bed all…

135 days until 4/20

I love scrolling through weedcash richlist on Monday afternoons. [Image source](

136 days until 4/20

Sunday afternoon listening to a live performance called “ decimal chronicles ” smoking weed in my shop money making thinking about…

!The craziest week of Hashkings! - IMPORTANT CHANGES

It has been a long road since the day Hashkings started and despite the stumbles, mistakes and other unfavorable situations w

Anunciando U.R.F.A - Nueva expansión en Hashkings - FRAGMENTOS # 1

Lo último en asistente agrícola con capacidad de respuesta El futuro es hoy, los seres humanos

138 days until 4/20

Smoking weed and staying home: Cheap Convenient Risk-free Takes no mental work Opposite of that is going to work when…

La semana más loca de Hashkings! - CAMBIOS IMPORTANTES

Ha sido un largo camino desde el día en que Hashkings comenzó y a pesar de los tropiezos, errores y otras situaciones de

141 days until 4/20

If you smoking weed on Tuesday morning listening to music, trading on the hive-engine dex paying too much for tokens... YOU'RE REAL…


The Hashkings team wants to apologize for these 19 days without any post, the team is really small and one of our members didn't have…

154 days until 4/20

Currently: smoking weed 🍁 in my shop by myself at 3pm on a Wednesday listening to Bah Wounds by Vic Spencer 🎼🎼 while money…

152 days until 4/20

There are a lot of reasons to smoke weed, but the best reason is the reason you have right now. My reason is to aid me in the…

151 days until 4/20

I remember when Saturday mornings meant watching cartoons and eating cereal. Now that I’m an adult it’s for smoking weed, watching my…

149 days until 4/20

I smoked some weed so bad I woke up and started making better life decisions. Had me cleaning and arranging my shop at 9am on a Monday…

WeedCash News

Big news for the Cannabis Community! @richardcrill has accumulated the 2500 Bee to pay for the new upgrade of the Weed Cash front end. So…

148 days until 4/20

Hello, happy Tuesday! how are you? Every other Tuesday is weed day lol 😂 it’s a good day! The fun part is I never know what I’m gonna…

Dispensaries Prepare For Rush On Green Wednesday

The day before Thanksgiving is the second busiest shopping day for cannabis shoppers. This cannabis shopping trend is good business for…