LEO Tokenomics

Crypto Raiders: A Pixel Art RPG Dungeon Crawler on Polygon

*This cute pixel game has conquered the blockchain gaming world by storm and is surprising players and investors with their inn

1UP Weekly Operator Report: Splinterlands Cartel-Monster

Welcome to the weekly report for #oneup @cartel-monster. After last week's massive DEC gains we were expecting a return to normalcy with…

Skyweaver: A True Free2Play NFT Trading Card Game

*Digital Trading Card Games like Splinterlands and Gods Unchained were among the very first blockchain games, using NFTs before they got…

Crypto "Raiders, of the Lost Ark"

Crypto Raiders , a utility-based NFT RPG game that draws inspiration from Zed.Run and World of Warcraft. Raid dungeons, conquer…

Gods Unchained: Beautiful Free2Play Trading Card Game

*For the past four years a precious gemstone in the blockchain games world has been polished out of a rock, that looks better than most of…

1UP Weekly Operator Report: Huge DEC Gains For The Cartel-Monster

Splinterlands Welcome to the Splinterlands weekly report for the #oneup @cartel-monster account! Last week, we only generated 4056…

dCrops: A Farming Simulator To Plant, Grow and Harvest Vegetables

*Have you always dreamed about growing your own crops without getting your hands dirty but still benefitting from the fruit veggies of…

Splinterlands PIMP, BRO, LVL & THGaming Sponsored Tournament Complete

Winners Announced Sponsors LVL Token - Psyberx - @psyberx - @jboss PIMP Token - @enginewitty BRO Token - @brofund - @brofi -…

Exact release date of Riftwatchers Booster Packs?

Riftwatchers are planned to be released in Q2 of 2020, but when or what month is it exactly?... 3,000,000 Riftwatchers Booster Packs are…

Personal Progress Update - Q1 2022

Time flies. I made my first post on 29 Sep 2021 and it was an introductory post about my Splinterlands journey. Since then, it has been…

My First 5 CARTEL Tokens received - The Journey to a Billion Dollar Gaming Asset begins

I was enroute to my village to drop some groceries I purchased for Christmas for my mum and sibling when I got a notification about…

Giveaways Update from Frutti Dino and Koodies & Showing Support for 1UP-Cartel

I will like to thank everyone who has given support for my giveaways. Special thanks to everyone at Metafrens for your support! Okay…

The Sandbox: Where Metaverse Isn't Just Another Buzzword

_With this first blockchain gaming article of the 1UP-Cartel, we are launching the year 2022, with an in-depth serious about play2earn…

About ONEUP Token Staking and CARTEL Token...!

Hello! Good afternoon to all members on 1UP community! This is my seventh post (7th) on this community and my trying post on here. I…

Sps token price update!

Check out Splinterlands #Sps still on bearish trend and it look likes crawling o

I am part of the ONEUP Community and bought my first CARTEL tokens

It is now a bit more than a month ago since I joined the 1UP Discord / Community. The ONEUP Community is focussed on Blockchain Gaming…


The long awaited @ragnarok.game snapshot is today! I'm not sure what time but im sure we will find out all the details in the next few…


Here is a simple match of my daily match encounter: ![Screenshot_20211221-220726_Samsung Internet.jpg](

Hashkings: All About Growing Weed Like A True Cartel

_One of the most popular games on HIVE is all about growing and selling weed and hash. That is not only legal but also fun and profitable.…

I'm now Double Verified on Atomic Hub!

I have very exciting news to share with the HIVE community. Today the Atomc Hub, which is the Ebay for WAX NFTs double verified my