LEO Tokenomics

10k Leo Power, More Curation and Staking

It has been a long time coming in the works, had a lot of back and forths but I'm finally curating with 10k Leo. Perhaps I would have…

Leofinance is the king of tokens !

This is my entry to the following contest : Tribe Token Talk ! *It's a great time to participate in a contest about Leofinance

A good time to ape into ape?

Don't know about you but to me it feels like it's a good time to ape into ape! By ape, I of course refer to the native token of ape…

Crypto; The Robin Hood Economy...

Ever watch the movie "Robin Hood"? I feel like it was a very long time ago, well, it is, but if the image fits just right, Robin Hood was…

Decided To Go On $CUB Shopping Spree Now It’s Cheaper

Hey guys, it’s been a long time I made a post about cubdefi, and that’s because I have been busy exploring other investments and…

Accumulate when the attention is elsewhere

What a great time to get back into Leo, sure it was hyped up and everyone and their mother was all into Leofinance, nowadays the talk is…

Making LeoFinance Fun: My Epic Failure

A few days ago @Whatsup mentioned how drab things have seemingly been in terms of articles coming out from the Leofinance community. It…

Binance Coin (BNB) back in the spotlight

As Binance doubles down on BSC via a new $1B development fund, Binance Coin (BNB) returns to the spot

SEC Approves ETF What Comes Next

SEC Approves ETF What Comes Next Finally it happened! ETF approva

Do DEC Tribaldex Diesel Pools count for the SPS airdrop?

Discover whether DEC Tribaldex Diesel Pools count for the SPS airdrop an

Learning What Impermanent Loss Is Before Investing On DEFIs

Few days ago I successfully brought in a lot new hovers, I love the energy of this new hivers because they seem determined. Although I had…

Is SPS Price Locked In Already? 72 hours...

Is SPS Price Lock In Already? 72 hours left Yep, I'm going to be

Leofinance || ROAR of the KING!

Cryptocurrency is a different world in itself and the vast amount of exposure and opportunities it has brought into Financial world is…

Polkadot: Hype or Progress?

source Ah Polkadot, one of my first Cyrypto crushes and such an important block chain to have appeared on the scene, our love affair…

Hive Keychain Independent Audit Proposal

Everyone loves Hive Keychain, it is the only way to use many of the Hive Dapps and still feel safe. One thing that has always concerned…

All the right moves (at the right time).

This publication was also written in SPANISH and PORTUGUESE . [Inc. Magazine](

My monthly HBD interest claiming day

I decided to claim my HBD interest on the 15th of every month. Today is the day due for the past month. As I'm doing a Hive power up on…

$2500 per month from Splinterlands will change my life

The numbers are in and I must say, they look very encouraging. Judging by the projected earnings from my daily SPS airdrop, I feel a…

Can I get a job in your country?

For virtually my entire professional life, I've been a freelancer. In fact, I only have one month of post-university work experience in a…

$61k : I Guess The Bears Need To Go For Therapy Now

Today has been a busy day for me, I decided to leave my house and tried going outside. This is because I have been stuck in my bedroom…