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Finance Movies & Documentary You Need To Watch Part 3

How are you guys doing, i hope your Sunday went as good as mine. Today was very entertaining for me, as I played solinterlands and watched…

The Nigerian Economy: The Height Of Crony Capitalism

The Cases With Barriers To Entry Most of the time, when you ask a person the biggest challenge they've had to fac

CLOSED: AIRDROP Alert: LOLZ Airdrop Day 3 - Last Day of Airdrop

The LOLZ Airdop is complete. Thank you to everyone for helping get the word out about $LOLZ! Keep following for more chances to earn…

Hive-Punk Celebrity likeness! (I need to get a life)

Just like the title of this post say's.. I do need to get a life. But for the remainder of this post I'll show you some of my PUNK…

Engagement at all time low on #pob

Community is losing its shine due to the failing prices of #pob. Its for past 7 weeks, the prices are continuously failing.…

Sunk Cost On Limited Resources & Time

The Sunk Cost Fallacy: (In View) A sunk cost is a cost that can be incurred with a major spending and has no potential of…

Hive Punk Shit Post (Accurate title)

Well, it looks as though my taste in punks is getting 3liTE. For the N00b's that means Elite. Yes.. I'm old. I have got my eyes on…


It's been a while since I made a post exclusively about PIZZA. There's been so much new stuff that has come out and new stuff hinted at…