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Update 2: CTP Content Challenge

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CTP Update: 3 Steps to Success

I am done with the welcome, and on to tutorials. The ClickTrackProfit site has lots of good things going for it. One, the videos are…

Teaching Myself About Finance

I have spent years learning the metaphysical side of money. It has been a great journey, and now I must make it more practical. I must…

My HBD Has A Name Now

Its name is now "college books" As a book loving mom, I feel its only natural that I pay for my children's college books. According to…

My Efficient Kitchen and Growing a Business

Today as I was making my morning smoothie, I realized that I was walking circles in my kitchen. The blender, the blender cup - the…

Who is in Charge of Your Money?

When you live in California and have four children, $500+ Dental bills are "normal." Of of these was coming up for me, and since I…

It's Almost the End of the Month, Have You Met Your Hive Goals?

I have been reading financial books lately, and the message is constant and consistent. Know How Much Money You Have Know Where Your…