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Guide: How to Participate in Comdex’s Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool on Osmosis

Comdex’s [liquidity bootstrapping pool (LBP)](

Osmosis progress update - OSMO now top 100.

Those following me would know that Osmosis is one of my favorite projects. For the record, I am heavily invested, having close to 50% of…

Osmosis: how to use the first Interchain DEX on Cosmos [ENG-ITA]

🇮🇹 Trovate la versione italiana dell'articolo dopo quella inglese Cosmos network is in excellent shape and there are several…

Ozmosis Zone Dapp Introduction and Review

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Hello everyone and welcome back to another Coin Logic DApp review and introdu

Airdrop 4 cosmos holder[GER/ENG]

Guten Abend meine lieben Squadis , Solltet ihr in der Zeit in der Zeit vom 18.02.2021 bis zum 01.11.2021 Atom in eurer Wallet gehabt…

Recent proposal made for LBI - What do you think?

Hello hello, today we look into an LBI proposal that was recently made. Normally when proposals are made, we wait until voting comes…

STEP BY STEP : Sending UST from TERRA to the COSMOS ecosystem of blockchains (OSMOSIS)

A couple of days ago, I posted about how to easily start with the COSMOS ecosystem of blockchains using the KEPLR wallet . This…

How to start with COSMOS (KEPLR Wallet, Cosmos-SDK based blockchains & Inter-Blockchain Communication)

COSMOS is often refered as the hub for blockchain interoperability . Such a saying definitly caught my attention. Indeed, maybe some…

Getting started in Cosmos (ATOM) - Beginners Guide

The Cosmos eco-system has been booming lately, with a seemingly never ending array of new projects launching, all linked by the magic of…

Why a VPS and some new comannds[GER/ENG]

Guten Morgen meine lieben Squadis, Der Mainnet Launch von Dig rückt hoffentlich immer näher,deshalb möchte ich euc

Zcash (ZEC) moving to POS, joining the Cosmos?

An interesting proposal came out from Electric Coin Co (ECC), The company that launched and continues to support ZCash. Best known as a…

Cosmos Blockchains and Projects - Part III

Introduction There are now twenty-two chains connected to the Cosmos (ATOM) ecosystem through IBC (Inter Blockchain Communication)…

Cosmos airdrop Season underway - Desmos (DSM) now claimable.

The Cosmos eco-system has a number of airdrops coming to participants over the coming months. Last week, in this post I highlighted a…

Cosmos Airdrops - Multiple incoming - updated guide.

Cosmos Airdrops The Cosmos eco-system loves airdrops, with just a couple of the notable success stories being Osmosis and Juno. There…