LEO Tokenomics

It's not the energy consumption of BTC Mr. Musk, it's your hypocrisy that you waste!

Bitcoin If Mr. Nikola Tesla came out of his grave and saw what a certain African billionaire did with his last name, I am sure he would…

Is Internet Computer, a new revolution in the cryptosphere?

DFINITY Every day they sift through the deepest corners of the Coinmarketcap listing to find the 'holy grail', i.e. an altcoin whose…

Monetizing content, an alternative for the student sector?

IADB Certainly blockchain technology has brought to the world a new perspective that a

Ethereum in its labyrinth

The community cats podcast Every time I read or hear testimonials about Ethereum I feel like I'm being

Do you know Revain?

Revain A couple of days ago I was having a conversation with a friend about Hive Blog and how I monetize content on this social…

how to get a 100% anonimus credit card 1/4

in today's post i'm going to teach you how to get a 100% anonymous credit and debit card even with the patriot act in full effectt here…

MediBloc, a blockchain at the service of healthcare

MediBloc It will never cease to amaze me how much can be done with just imagination and the help of Blockchain technology, which has…

AAVE, the pioneer in the decentralization of finance.

AAVE One of the most talked about Decentralized Finance (DeFi) projects is AAVE, formerly called ETHLend. At first AAVE was dedicated…

Thank you for giving away your LEO, POB and other Hive tokens.

Some years ago I traveled to Managua, the capital of Nicaragua, a country located in Central America known for two large lakes and a…

VeChain, introducing the world of logistics to Blockchain technology.

VeChain VeChain (VET) is one of the first blockchains built entirely to please the needs of users dedicated to business affairs. The…

Filecoin, the fastest growing project in the cryptosphere

Filecoin I am always observing and analyzing the capitalization markets of experiences other than the work of Satoshi Nakamoto (for me…

Dash, the cryptocurrency of the Venezuelans

Dash As in the last months I have dedicated at least one day of each week to exclusively use cryptocurrencies. Usually for this I…

Remember Project Blank?

At the beginning of this year when I joined Leofinace, most of the issues that were raised at that time revolved around CUB and Project…

Would you buy a house that you will never be able to live in?

On another occasion I have already talked about Decentraland (MANA), a platform inspired by the game/Social Network called Second Life…

The importance of owning your own keys, Turkey case.

The case of Turkey is quite interesting and serves as an example of the path that governments and institutions will surely take to control…

If it's so good, why doesn't Tesla accept them?

Dogecoin I'm talking about Dogecoin, the cryptocurrency (more like a joke) that everyone is talking about and even dare to say that it…

Mom, I'm monetizing too.

freepik My son is quite a considerate

Hive offers you much more than cryptocurrencies, without investing ("earn cryptocurrency without investment") / Hive te ofrece mucho más que cryptomonedas, sin invertir.

We have searched the web a lot and rarely do we get something so complete to do and ... WITHOUT INVESTMENT. Such is the case with HIVE.…

Stimulus is the oxycodone of work.

I recently read one of those news items that if it were a third world country you would say, 'ok, it's a Banana Republic', but when you…