LEO Tokenomics

LEO Roundtable Returns! | CUB Updates, LeoBridge, LeoFinance and The Future of the Project

It's been a while since our last episode of the LEO Roundtable. The community has been asking for it left and right for the past several…

LeoFinance UI Update | Kingdoms, CUB, Marketing and Communication

We've had a crazy 5-6 weeks of development surrounding CUB, LeoFinance and LeoBridge. There is a disconnect that has been brought up in…

Oh God... Part 3!

Kim Yong Moon, Elon's Sperm, Viagra. These are three amazing, world changing defi gems you got to know early thanks to me. And here's…

The Attention Whore Got Left Out Of Blood

Whoever makes the news to drive the markets gets a fattier paycheck. It's a practice of Bloomberg that was revealed by the crypto twitter…

This Is Why You Have To Just Believe In Your Abilities

source Sometimes it seems like everything and everyone is against you a

"Clueless Big Hypocrite"?!...

If you were wondering why Bitcoin has dipped recently, here's your answer, the Dogefaher, Elon Musk himself has changed his mind about…

FEI | The New Stablecoin For DeFi With Billions In Liquidity Finally Reaches The Peg

FEI is a new and innovative stablecoin for defi as the funders call it. It tries a new spin and architecture for a stablecoin, that…

CUBLIFE: Another Income Token

Over the past week, many steps were taken to bring the Cublife token to life. It started with the snapshot of LBI token holders last…

Crypto Is Not A One-Man Show

Elon has a lot of homework to do. For now, let him shill DOGE. I'm sure everyone has noticed the infamous tweet by Elon Musk that…

The Reserve Status Of The USD?

Many are questioning the reserve status of the U.S Dollar. It seems every couple weeks, someone is chiming in about the "death of the…

What To Make Of DOGE

What can we make of DOGE? Anyone who is around the crypto world by now has heard about what is taking place with this cryptocurrency.…

Cryptocurrency: The Great Rejection

By now, most have heard about The Great Reset. This is an idea put forth by the World Economic Forum, an organization headed by Klaus…

This is Why I Prefer to HODL

I know that sometimes ee feel a bit more excited seeing the prices going a little up and start selling our coins for a little profit but…

Exponential Growth Through Tokenization


Help a CUB has been put on hold

Hello everyone. This is a hard post to write but behind the scenes of "Help a CUB", we've had a few, well more than a few LBI tokens…

CUB DeFi - Training and Marketing

It's been a long time coming. It's a project I've been wanting to get started on for a while now but not only did I need to get my feet…

SilverGate / Facebook The Next Mass Crypto Adoption

Silvergate Capital Corporation Stock Ticker SI Has announced it is in talks of a CRYPTO partnership with Facebook. Based on this news…

Oh God... Part II

After Kim Yong Moon and Elon's Sperm I have for you another exciting project to toss your money and get Rekt. Or maybe become a…

Crypto's Biggest Challenge: Governance

Cryptocurrency is a field of experimentation at this point. It is a wonderful world because all options are on the table. We see…

🐯Buying & Staking more $LEO before the upcoming new UI and $CUB features !

It has been a while that I thought I should buy more LEO as the UI and other Cubdefi updates are coming "very soon" ! I had…