LEO Tokenomics

LeoFinance Onboard Web2 to Web3 Initiatives: Join the LeoFinance Facebook Group, Earn 250 LEO!

LeoFinance has been expanding our marketing operations going into the new year. Some major things you may have seen lately are the new…

1000X: Why I Am So Committed To Leo

We all like to dream big. It is easy in cryptocurrency to fall victim to the senseless dreaming which most likely will not materialize.…

WLEO is Deploying a Massive Liquidity Pool on Thorchain!

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Thorchain has become a massive focus for the LeoFinance community. Thanks to a number o

Full LeoFinance Live AMA Recording | WLEO on Thorchain, DeFi Expansion and LEO Will 1000x

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Hey everyone! Here is the full recording from this week's live AMA session. We had a lo

$WLEO's Image on Coingecko could improve...

If I knew nothing about the HIVE / Leo Finance community, the overview page for $WLEO / $LEO on Coingecko would scare me away. I will…

LEO Could Go 1000x In the Very Near-Term | On-Air Math in the LeoFinance AMA

▶️ Watch on 3Speak In our LeoFinance AMA, someone talked about LEO going 1000x and reaching the top 100 ma

Using HivePunks as a tool to onboard people on Hive & my punks on hive experience so far.

In the last few days, I've been preparing a little present for one of my best friends in the offline world: As you can see I grabbed…

ETH VS BSC VS Polygon | Data on wallets, transactions, fees and contracts

2021 was the year of the rise of new layer one blockchains. A lot of them Ethereum compatible blockchains, or EVM compatible (Ethereum…

The Federal Reserve CBDC Report

The long anticipated report by the Federal Reserve regarding CBDCs was released yesterday and it contains a lot of informative…

Crypto Bans - the flipping effects

duhh The effects of t

LEO and CUB Both Sound Investments

Leo and CUB Both Sound Investments When it comes to investing

What if we valued LBI as a company?

Hello, LBIer's. If LBI were a company, how much would it be worth? Of course, this is a pointless question but it's something worth…

How to download the 3Speak desktop app

Direct from the desk of Dane Williams. Beginners guide to downloading the 3Speak desktop app to c

How did Fantom Ecosystem's TVL reached $10bn so quickly!

Hi HODLers, Fantom has been on a roll as I have been commenting on lately. This is mostly due to Andre Cronje and Daniele just being…

The CryptoManiacs Podcast - Episode 83-ish

▶️ Watch on 3Speak We did it!!! We finally got to your questions from (what seems like) weeks ago!! Than

The Change In National Governance

Over the centuries we saw "experimentations" with many governance models . Thus far, what was created has not benefitted the majority…

CityCoins: Tens Of Millions Raked In And Changing City Governance?

There is a lot of money in cryptocurrency . Many are starting to realize that including a couple of cities. To say this is the wave…

Which Do You Bet On First: $5 Hive or $1 LEO?

Which do you think is more likely to happen 1st : $5 $HIVE or $1 $LEO / $WLEO Either option is approximately a 5x from where they…

Hiring Robots Instead Of Employees

Technology and jobs are two topics that go together. What is the impact of technology going to be on jobs? Many feel that the future…

The Upcoming Opportunity With #ProjectBlank

We heard about it. We read about it. But thus far, it is like something out of a fairy tale. It is impossible to believe. That said…