LEO Tokenomics

Kid entrepreneurship!

My kids are set on buying a huge lego set. I told them they can only buy it if they earn all the money. So it has been a very…

Sunday Musings: Sometimes the HARDEST Part of Succeeding is Simply SHOWING UP Every Day!

I expect we could make the argument that "Success" — much like beauty — is in the eye of the beholder. That said, however we may…

The Brand New CTPtalk.com

It's live!! After a few hiccups, we've launched the new 'Outposts' version of [CTPtalk.com](

Thursday Night Live - Let's Talk Some CTP....Talk !

▶️ Watch on 3Speak As announced last night via @clicktrackprofit we've got a brand new front end for CTPtalk.c

The Use-Case of CTPTalk

Hello everyone! In case you missed yesterday's Thursday Night Live, click here :) Even with some hiccups and little bugs here and…

How my crypto investing strategy has changed.

I have been playing around with crypto since 2017. I think that is about the time I hoped on the hive(steem) blockchain as well. I have…