LEO Tokenomics

Full LeoFinance Live AMA Recording | WLEO on Thorchain, DeFi Expansion and LEO Will 1000x

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Hey everyone! Here is the full recording from this week's live AMA session. We had a lo

Taught My Dad to Stake CUB in Kingdoms Today

frens, the time finally came. My dad asked me about earning passive income with crypto today. After a bit of explaining and demonstrating…

The Power Of Compound Interest & Choosing Cubdefi

Cubdefi and it’s auto compounding feature can never be over emphasized, if you know the power of compound interest you understand where am…

CubFinance Has Better Marketcap/TVL Ratio Than Uniswap (2.9X Better), PancakeSwap (1.8X Better), Olympus DAO (12.1X Better) + Loosing My Liquidity to @splinterlands

I have been with CubFinance since the day of its inception. I was there when this baby launched. It took me some time to get started as I…

Extended portfolio on Leo Finance assets preparing for Soonday | 19-Jan-2022

My investment portfolio built around LEO Finance related crypto assets is growing while waiting for Soonday when new projects will see the…

LEO Infrastructure Upgrades Ahead of PolyCUB Release | Dev Update

▶️ Watch on 3Speak ICYMI: LeoFinance.io underwent an infrasrtructure upgrade just a few days ago. We imple

Spinvest-Leo weekly update - 15Jan22

Welcome to this weeks brief update for Spinvest-leo. I'm shifting back to Saturday reports, so this week will be a little small as it…

Full Moon Mayhem on Hive

Things are about to get really interesting! source Monday ![image.png](

BMR for 21st Jan 2022 - 900 days

900 days. WOW. Today is not only my 900th day on the block chain. Today is my 900th strait day of doing at least 1 post a day. WOW. Can I…

BMR for 19th Jan 2022 - The future looks bright

As I prepared to write my blog post this morning and seeing the 24 hour and January trend for crypto I had to do some reading elsewhere.…

BMR for 18th Jan 2022 - A question and a great post

First thing I need to ask today is to help answer a Curation Trail

BMR for 20th Jan 2022

I had a few extra moments in time last evening. I actually took the time to scroll through my Hive feed. I have to say I read some for…

BMR for 16th Jan 2022 - ListNerds

I have been a member of ListNerds since it launched way back. I cannot remember the year but I am sure @jo

BMR for 15th Jan 2022 - Weekly Update

It would seem CoinMarketCap has changed the way they display some of the tokens. They have included comme

Dogecoin = Tesla !

Who would have envisioned that a dog-themed meme coin would ever become a legit method of payment for one of the biggest companies in the…

BMR for 17th Jan 2022 - And Ghosts. lol

You know, if you believe in ghosts or if you do not, there is not much creepier than hearing a noise and then your cat that is up with you…

My weekly LEO report - W24

This is my last report of this journey. Finally, it comes to an end. Buy LEO with earned CUB This week, I got 36CUB and converted…

Introducing Hivestats V3 | Featured Content, New Price Displays, APY Opportunities & HBD Implementation

Merry Christmas 🦁 we have a little Christmas surprise planned for the community. We just released Hivestats V3 into production. With so…

BMR for 23rd Dec 2021 - And Covid19

Here we go (again). Before I get any criticism just wanted to say I am not sharing views on Covid19 or Omicron, just stating some facts…

BMR for 25th Dec 2021 - And weekly report.

It is wonderful to wake up to a mostly green Christmas, at least on the markets, as it is a winter wonderland here in Newfoundland.…