LEO Tokenomics

CryptoFinally Rapunzel and Prince Vitalik Lettuce

*"Rapunzel tells us one thing about love climbing the highest tower becomes less difficult if someone at the end gives you reason to hodl…

Large or Low supply Token, the metric matter.

src I have been in the crypto space for a couple of years and I have invested in several crypto assets. We all know that the…

Less than $1,000 for Bitcoin to break the ATH

Altcoins investors and holders are currently looking at the bullish run of Bitcoin. I am also part of the people that believe in Altcoin…

There she is, my Scary Mary

One of the things that I really love about Rising Star Game is that they tend to keep coming up with new cards. Not only is this really a…

Cryptofairytales by JeninaCrypto just launched at OpenSea!

Hi friends! I am dropping my new NFT collection at OpenSea! I finally jumped into the digital art world! *Once upon a time an unique…

Snow White and The Dwarf Jack

One taste of the cryptopoison apple and the victim's wallet will hodl Bitcoin forever... Featuring Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and…

The CryptoKing of Hearts

"The CryptoKing of Hearts, he made some sats, all on a trading day..." Featuring the popular Bitcoiner, Crypto Trader, Builder and…

Splinterlands | Magic Line up in Stress

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Hi All, Watch My Magic line up headed with my new found love, Chain Go

Architecture+Design Community Contest: Let's Talk Architecture - Museo de Barquisimeto and the Dean of Arts. | Hablemos de Arquitectura - Museo de Barquisimeto y Decanato de artes | [ENG-ENG]

Let's analyze

[ENG-ESP] Adaptation or need/Adaptación o necesidad

Venezuela is currently one of the South American countries and in the world that use cryptoactives the most, driven mostly by the need to…

Rising Star | A bizarre rewarding NFT collection game, sustainable or not?

We all love blockchain gaming, let's face it. Maybe online gaming is the better word, but since we all spend our days on blockchains so…

Plants vs Undead reborn among NFT games?

Hello #Hive friends and especially to the #LeoFinance community! This is my first post inside the community a

An Epic Splinterlands reward day! $37.97

Yesterday was one of those, that I don't regret plain Splinterlands. It looks like my lucky streak is continuing! Let's first have a…

Finally in GOLD III

Hi All, I finally reached league - 'GOLD III'. With perseverance and renting a few GOLD cards, I am in the GOLD club in my 3rd…

And continuous in groth

Good afternoon friends Hivers, it is no surprise why I have worked very hard to reach a respectable number of reputation (60) and I hope…

Reduce The Financial Weight You Carry

src Responsibilities have weighed down many people. Some are currently in a very bad financial state and this has also affected their…

No amount of money can "outstrip" bad spending. Don't eat your seed.

src Everything about our lives is wrapped around habits. So having good habits generally would affect every part of our lives. I…

I Am Adult Baby On Leo... Buying & Staking

Adult baby sounds like a token name. :) With the number of shit coins dropping on BSC, anything can be a token. However, I am truly the…

Les 21 millions de bitcoins … déflationnistes

a) Le nombre de bitcoins est limité à 21 millions Lors de la construction du protocole de la première blockchain, Satoshi…

How Banks Helped Odesa to Get Back on its Feet Quickly

I have been living in Odesa for over a year now and I am actively studying the history of the city. And now, passing again near this…