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Iron.Finance gets Rekt on Polygon/MATIC

We all knew it was going to happen. The phenomenal run Iron Finance and Titan were on had to come to an end at some point. And oh boy…

Marketing Talk: Why TikTok Will Matter More Than YouTube & Twitter

Guys/Girls, this might sound dumb. But we really need to be on TikTok! I realized this while commenting on @taskmaster4450le post. Here's…

Here's How To Save 45% - 52% When Investing In NFT With Rising Star ft. Card Pack Opening

There is a quote: "Devil is in the details" In my life I've found this to be the case in many times. I've made it habit to do research…

Top 6 Play-To-Earn Blockchain Games to Keep Your Eyes On in 2021

Blockchain, Play-To-Earn gaming has come a long way over the last couple of years. What was once just a glorified faucet/cookie clicker…

dCity NFT Buying Strategy To Control Immigrants/Homeless

I don't write about dCity often. But I'm always playing the game and checking how everything is going. Over time I've figured out tips &…

# Splinter Stats Season 51 Report Card

@vimukthi Another Season has ended. This one is a very special ending because we ran out of Untamed Booster packs while having several…

# Splinter Stats Season 51 Report Card

@d-zero I've had a habit of being late with my seasonal reports. It's time to break the pattern. Season 51 ended yesterday. Today here's…

Splinterlands: Did You Get "Hero of Beyond" Final NFT Airdrop?

Splinterlands: Did You Get "Hero of Beyond" Final NFT Airdrop? A series of 14 airdrops have finally come to an end. It was a wild ride.…

Why is POB not on DappRadar?

Proof Of Brain on Dapps Radar Doing a search for a statistical analysis for a Dapp in which I work, exactly in the

Building Your Financial Future, One Block At A Time With Defibox

DeFi has had an insane coming out party over the last year and a half. Going from just under $700 million Total Value Locked (TVL) in…

Bitcoin on DeFi: Badger, Cake and Sovryn - How the Oldest Crypto is Getting in on Crypto's Newest Thing

Bitcoin, the OG Cryptocurrency, founded in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto and later handed over to Gavin Andersen , has successfully…

Avoiding Market Fluctuations with Stablecoin Yield Farming

I think anyone can agree right now - the Crypto Market is currently in a state of extreme volatility and even by Crypto standards. With…

Decebtralized App Second one is (Augers)

Second pic here is drill .Augers one that I m truly intrigued you can essentially wager and cause expectations on the future to make…

Decentralized App ( singular DTV)

Another I am looking on here is particular DTV truly energizing .on this solitary DTV a decentralized media outlet project. I accept these…

Crypto Tips: How to Spot a Shill - What is Shilling? Why do People Shill?

Crypto and Shills, name a more iconic duo. Shill's come in all shapes and sizes. From the smal

Some Small things CUB can do

I have a little invested in CUB, and I would really like to see that take off. But this is not a shilling post, more just a few simple…