LEO Tokenomics

Hive: Privilege To Acquire Wealth Overtime

Wealth is a word I have been hearing for a very long time but I never took the time to understand the meaning fully. I used to think that…

Earning Report Of @onealfa.pob and onealfa.leo accounts POB, LEO, HIVE, VESTS, HBD (All the time)

@ONEALFA is a whale, so everyone wants to know his earnings. For this purpose I have analyzed his ALL TIME rewards. An estimate of his…

Celebrating 1K LeoPower: Creating Content On Leofinance is A Healthy Habit For Me

Yesterday I got mentioned by @vikbuddy to let me know of this collaborative content by @clixmoney, which is a new DCC initiative. This…

Bitcoin - The Serial Killer! 🤑

source Bitcoin Soars Again Hitting All Time High after a point of strong resistance and jumping ba

POB successes, success of @mineopoly

There are many good POB earners in this tribe. You have to be amazed at their success. They are called successful people. Seeing them…

The evolution of bitcoin !

This is my participation to the following contest : [DCC tag contest - Let's support #bitcoin](

Bitcoin: The Idea That Changed The World

It’s very hard to talk about crypto without giving credit to the person behind the idea,Satoshi Nakamuto, am very sure that if his…

Tribe Token Talk - The king of the tokens !

Let the contest continue, I think we need more entries ! Let it be till the end of the month, so we may see more entries, but those who…

Let's Talk About LeoFinance


DCC tag contest - Let's support #wealth

More than 3 months ago we created with @starstrings01 a great contest to support tags on hive blockchain ! We supported the f

Bitcoin - A Cryptocurrency? I Heard Of Bitcoin Not Cryptocurrency

I'm in no level to talk about Bitcoin as I can't say I know much about the coin except for the popular fact that it is the highest growing…


Photo source *A decentraliz

BITCOIN -Shady or the future of finance?

image source A few years ago I was misinformed ab

My Discovery Of Leofinancne || DCC Tribe Talk

What I love About Leofinace Leofinance as one of the great and striving tribe of hive block chain has a lot to be love,first and for…

The Crypto World - A World Of Opportunities

Welcome to a world where so many things happen and some things never happen... A bit confusing to me if it were confusing to you but…


Photo by Helena-lopes on unsplash.com As the Earth revolves round the sun, giving birth to seasons, so do the technolo

Are You Choosing the Right Stock Market Advisory Company

What do you do if you want to learn driving a car? You will try to find an expert teacher, isn't it? You do not want to avail the services…

New DCC initiative - Tribe Token Talk !

There are so many tokens created on hive-engine and around each one a community is created. Let's expose those tribes to the world …

Buy Hive(Cryptocurrency) = Secure A Future

I’m sure that most people on Hive have a little bit knowledge of what cryptocurrency is all about. But let’s just assume that a Newbie wit

The road to a decent passive income in 2022!

I know that there are almost three full months in 2022! But I am now trying to build the base for a decent passive income in 2022. The…