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Simple strategy that works for debt elimination.

Even the people who live their lives completely on debt do not like to talk about debt, they will rather prefer to keep it to themselves…

Get a handle on debt

It could be Fridayitis, but I am having more trouble than usual concentrating today, though I have a lot of work to do. I have sat at my…

Think before you use your credit card!

There are many benefits of using credit card, but have you thought about the fact that your credit card use might lead to losses for…

Banks Are Whose Side?

Debt trap is no new truth, burden of middle class, truth. ![0001-2415240497_20210605_145339_0000.png](

Debt and Japan

Debt as a function of GDP Over the weekend I try to brush up on the general financial acumen and try to find what interesting items…

Hammer Time! ( U ) Can't Touch This - When Sharks Smell Your Crypto

Apparently, M.C. Hammer has gone bankrupt, 25 years after his earworm hit single 'U Can't Touch This' made the

Credit Card Debt Cut in Half using Cryptocurrency

Created in Canva Payment exemptions are still valid until August Currently, we are still not obligated to pay off any loans/debts…

A home is not an investment vehicle, its a place to live.

source Home equity makes up a large part of most families’ wealth. This [article/advertisement](

Debt And The Economy

The massive debt load that is happening around the world is stifling the global economy. This is something that has been taking place the…

Snakes and stepladders

We got some good and bad news from the bank today. The good news is that the bank has approved the valuation on our house and we no longer…