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HBD Supply Has Decreased Further In The Last Week

While small, the HBD supply keeps decreasing. Here is the chart starting from Jan 2022. Note that this is HBD without the HBD in…

How Exactly Is The Hive Debt Calculated? Important Things To Know When Monitoring The Health Of HBD

With the current situation with LUNA/UST and the unbelievable implosion that is happening there, its important to be aware of the HBD…

Hive Debt Is At 3.6% Now

I feel like I have linked the tool bellow a lot of times, but many still ask, so please check for live data. It is a great tool to follow…

Conserve cash…and don’t buy financial assets…yet!

How credit contractions work… Central banks control how much money and credit is in the system. The amount of money and credit in…

The crisis of the financial debt - analyzing the circumstances push people to fall under the debt cycle, part 1

Hello, I would Like to share with you a series of situations you might face in your life and drag you to a debt black hole. it all starts…
2 yr

New Year Resolution 2020

As the upcoming imminent recession is getting ever closer, you might wanna prepare yourself by getting some: hard gold and silver…

From financial debt to financial stability – thanks to cryptocurrency

Inflated worldwide debt , fueled by extreme fiat money printing in recent years is not slowing down. Global debt will most likely…

All fiat currencies will be converted to crypto by 2030 according to Deutche Bank

I found this free research piece which goes deep into trying to find EU and world solution how to get escalating debt piles into control.…

As the Global Economy and the Global Financial Banking System collapses under the sheer weight of Debt, Derivatives and Stimulus, Bitcoin all of a sudden looks very cheap at <$20,000.!! #ghostcrash

#Bitcoin all of a sudden looks very cheap at The Global Economy and the Global Financial Banking System continues to collapse

How to Protect your Wealth from Government [VIDEO]

When the stock market drops, some men say it feels like when their girlfriend gets angry. They know there's a reason but are still…

These colleges are putting students into the most debt

While several countries offer students loans of various types, the size of student debt in the US has increased to what some consider…

So far 86% of the people who voted would much rather have 6.5 Bitcoins than a Degree!

#Bitcoin vs A Degree - What would you rather have? Twitter Poll - Results so far! So far 86% of the people who voted would much…

With over +$16Trillion of negative-yielding debt swishing around the Global Financial System, strap in for the ride of your life.!!

Deutsche Bank. Awkward.!! Deutsche Bank? Not at all surprised..!! This is just one piece of the jigsaw. Negative-yielding debt…


Source img: Is it a crime to install a printer in the garage? The answer is clear; no.Is it a crime to print tickets in the garage…

Drips of debt and plugging leaks

Autumn is on the way and the rain is falling intermittently around the place, just in time for my week of holiday. Yes, I only get one…

Investors are bullish on gold amidst $15 trillion in negative yield debt and currency, economic uncertainty

Saturday, August 10th 2019, 12:06 pm Investors have turned increasingly bullish on gold with the spot price of 1 oz of the precious…

If Student Loans Might Be Forgiven, Why Not Borrow More?

In 2011, economist Justin Wolfers called student debt forgiveness the "Worst. Idea. Ever." in a Freakonomics post. Why? Firs

US Household Debt Hits Record Level, Is Bitcoin The Solution?

Recent reports indicate that the level of household debt in the US has reached a record high of over $14 trillion. Dollar devaluation and…

$ 15 Trillion of debt have negative yields

The yield curves are inversing in many countries worldwide and demand for safe havens increase day by day!

Chaos Theory: Still waiting for $5k Bitcoin?

Like I said countless times... Not going to happen. Bitcoin Doubling Curve 2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2019 | 2020 |…