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[ENG/ESP] World trade can do without the dollar, why not yet? // El comercio mundial puede prescindir del dólar, ¿Por qué aun no lo hace?

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Pyramids of Powerlessness. How Decentralised Systems Can Bring Peace & End Enslavement.

***Thousands of years of struggle to achieve peace and understanding on Earth have led to this moment, yet we often seem to be no closer…

On building bridges, not walls

Yesterday I dove into a bit of a rant regarding the slow transition from scarcity-based mindset to one based on abundance, including in…

Compete against Amaxon, eBlay, Aliblabla with our own decentralized eCommerce // Competir contra Amaxon, eBlay, Aliblabla con nuestro propio eCommerce descentralizado [ENG/ESP]


Happy Earth Day All! A beautiful moment from the Austrian wilderness

Happy Earth Day Leo Fam! Today I spent the morning jamming with my band @thetroublenotes in the lush green forests of Austria. Hopefully…


ULTIMATE crypto gaming coin brings experience and gains (DECENTRALIZED GAMES) Video Summary: Today I interview the creator of

The Value Discovery Network - How The Hive Blockchain Evolves Awareness of Real Value

***In the fast paced world of internet creativity, it's easy to misplace our attention and over or under value tech. The main difference…

The #1 Bitcoin Maxi Hypocrisy

Ah, Bitcoin maxis... They hail BTC as the G.O.A.T. As the ultimate embodiment of a fundamentalist, idealized, utopian philosophy of…

Abundance Is Not All About Money

If you were to picture abundance, how would it be? In the biblical sense, where in the garden of Eden Adam and Eve had anything they…

Bitcoin Myk - Most Decentralized Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Myk - Most Decentralized Cryptocurrency Claim your free bitcoin myk tokens at: join our discord: Posted Using…


This article was originally posted to Hackernoon . I’m Andrew Levine, CEO of Koinos Group, and today I have a super exciting…

Value of cooperation in the decentralized ecosystem. What one thing does Hive need to thrive?

Recent post of @themarkymark and this one from @growthacker made me think about this one thing Hive needs to grow. I started with…

CubDefi: LeoFinance Yield Farming

This is the second article in my little series here that explored the interesting approach to a basic income “profit sharing” style yield…

The World Is Yours?

Each time I look around, all I see is how much things have changed, and the funny thing about it all is how the world has chosen to react…

Decentralized Internet is possible !

All the pictures are taken from pixabay.com and edited by me! All are free for commercial use and no attribution required! As you see…

🎥 Cryptocurrency Market Overview | 06.05.2021

Hello, dear Blockchain people! In this video, I commented on some of the developments that are taking place in the cryptocurrency…

Why Everyone Should Own Cryptocurrency

**Not so long ago, cryptocurrency was considered by the mainstream financial media to be nothing more than a speculative fad. That era is…