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Vitalik Buterin VS Dan Larimer Debate Hosted By Hive

Vitalik Buterin and Dan Larimer are among the recognized names in crypto space for being pioneers in creation and development of…

Shapeshift Community arrived in LeoFinance

For those that use LeoFinance daily, you might have noticed that are some blue Foxes 🐺🦊 disguised as lions barking around HIVE…

Decentralized Manufacturing Of Beverages?

Decentralization is something that we discuss regularly in the cryptocurrency world. This makes sense since we are seeking to break…

Centralization vs Decentralization?

The fediverse is what the Internet was really supposed to be. Each person with their own home servers sharing information…

DeFi Platforms Considered VASPs Under New FATF Recommendations On Crypto

The Financial Action Task Force, which is an international advisory body, published an updated version of its recommendations for crypto…

Decentralizovana Umetnost #20: OpenDAO, 9x9x9 & najskuplji NFT-ovi u 2021

Dragi Bankless narode 🏴, Godinu počinjemo vatrometom. Gromoglasni prasak koji je napravio OpenDAO je još tu, i Decentralizovana…

The Sacrifice Of My Cryptocurrency Adoption - A Deep Reflection After Almost 5 Years

4 years and 11 months. That's my tenure in cryptocurrency, which hits 5 years next month. Holy s.h.*.t. As you know, year

A Randumb Ramble: It May be DECENTRALIZED, but is it WORKING?

I'll be the first to admit that in a community like Hive, the majority of community members are likely to "Worship At The Altar Of…

Learn about DigiByte ($DGB) for a chance to earn $100 DGB - Guarda Wallet

Guarda Wallet Learn & Earn campaign is live since December 24th. What is DigiByte? ** DigiByte is a truly decentralized UTXO…

Web Free Standard - The Hive Way

You say Web Three, I call it Web Free. It seems to me the new vision for web, that became widely knows as Web 3 is being hijacked by the…

SoFi: HIVE Could Be at the Forefront

Decentralized Social Media is an important step in the right direction. While the centralized model of social media continues to prove its…

Bondex, Talent Network and Marketplace For Web 3.0 Revolutionize The Blockchain and Crypto Job-market - You Can Now Mine Bondex In the App and Also Buy In Pre-sale

Bondex - Web 3.0 Ecosystem For Talents And Jobs **Bondex, this was an app I came across a few month ago in my search for new mining apps…

How Important Is Decentralization When It Comes To Investing In Blockchains?

▶️ Watch on 3Speak The key innovation behind crypto that makes this non-tangible asset valuable is its trust(l

Web3 as a promise of decentralization / Web3 como promesa de descentralización

El termino Web3 hoy día está siendo mencionado por deferentes medios y personalidades amantes de la tecnologí

Life-changing beliefs about cryptocurrency : Bitcoin | Cryptocurrency | Beliefs

Decentralization of the monetary system The world began without any system or form of buying or trading like what we have now, from…

What makes Bitcoin go up and crash down?

The crypto market has been known for its volatility which is applicable in the stock market as well, market volatility is what makes the…



Telos Board Elections Ongoing: One Day To Go

Source Whenever you think of a one-stop Digital Governance platform always remembe

Importance of decentralization in Blockchain ecosystem

Did you know that a blockchain can be created without any aspect of decentralization? But some people might argue saying that it shouldn't…