LEO Tokenomics

Play To Earn - Splinterlands Value Skyrockets

Play To Earn Splinterlands When it comes to the gaming community fun along with value come hand in hand. As value increases for a

Why DeFi Is The Future

Why DeFi Is The Future DeFi is the future ever since I learned about it because of CubDeFi I've been hooked ever since. The reason…

Jacks plan to fork Bitcoin may be the end of Bitcoin as we know it


Input needed: What do you think about a token 'linked' to my future trading profits & backed by HBD?

Hello everyone, This is something that I've been thinking about lately. And as the title asks, what do you think about a token linked to…

EasyDefi Yield Farming Pool Update #1

Making DeFi as easy as buying groceries…join the pool. Easy DeFi Pool Update #1 7/24/2021 Total Leo in Pool: 1750 Two days ago I…

25% of Bitcoin sold at a massive loss!

Video Guide: 00:00 Intro 00:22 Ken intro 02:32 "Bitcoin Is Being Sold at a Loss" 04:32 bitcoin chart 08:36 Donate to…

Polygon (previously MATIC) vs Ethereum

In this head-to-head comparison, we will discover how Polygon is different from Ethereum Blockchain. To know more about Polygon & how it…

My Two OOEs about OpenOcean (DeFi aggregator)

If you are anything like me, aggregators can be a great way to shop around for a decent price w

Leofinance DeFi Projects are blazing a path into the future of decentralized finance.

Leofinance's Yield Farm Modernization is complete. It now features some of the most advanced yield farm elements on the market, along…

Facebooks Stablecoin Diem continues relatively stealthy development.

A brief look at Diem, the Facebook Stablecoin. Stablecoin, a definition a specific subset of cryptocurrencies that have a value…

The Dark Side of Crypto - Money Laundering

When you heard the term “Bitcoin” about a decade ago, it was mainly associated with the illicit activity from within the dark web. As an…

Evolving Pay to Earn with Play

Now I know nothing of Axie Infinity, mainly I think it is Eth based so I will leave that for the snobs... As a pleb, I mingle a bit on…

Have fun and earn, on Hive you can!

The more time passes, the more Hive becomes an incubator of projects and stimuli but also of fun. It is undeniable that today an investor…

Exploring SwapSpace (Exchange Aggregator)

Aggregators on the internet have made our lives easier by placing all the various shopping and p

Easy DeFi Introduction Post

EASYDEFI Hive Native DeFi for the DeFi beginner. This is a new project I am launching here on Hive, utilizing the Hive native DeFi or…

Is Cub Finance the project of the future? / Czy Cub Finance to projekt przyszłości? [EN/PL]

The boom of DeFi projects in the Binance Smart Chain space has died a natural death. The market of gigantic growths is over, so Telegram…

Crytpo Exposure Is Wanted, Stablecoins Are Holding It Back

More Crypto Exposure Is Needed If you are a big time investor

The combination of Gaming + NFT + DeFi = Next Crypto Bull Run 📈

Hello HODLers, I have been writing a lot about my understanding of this new bull market. First was DeFi, then NFTs and now we have…

The Best Bitcoin Conference, Period

Video Guide: 00:00 Intro 01:06 Beyond Fomo YouTube➡️ 02:00 The Self Care Lab Donation info ➡️ 03:00 Why crypto is great for…

Real-World Applications of Blockchain Technology

If you’ve been involved in the crypto space for at least five minutes, you’re probably familiar with the term blockchain. Blockchain…