LEO Tokenomics

Cub Finance / LEO Finance

I went through the new Leo finance post - [Introducing the LeoFinance WhiteBook Version 1.0 | Our Vision, Mission and Expansion as a Web3…

Multiple ways that you can earn as a Liquidity Provider on Hive

DeFi on Hive came to life through TribalDex solution which enabled Liquidity Pools across a diversity of cryptocurrencies from within this…

Polygon Gains around 40% after investors pour in $250B !!!

MATIC cost got close to 40% increase as crypto market feeling works on right after a remarkable $250 billion rally. Polygon (MATIC)…

Cub Finance: First monthly add for 2022

As usual, I am making my monthly add to Cub Finance so I can increase my sources of passive income. It's late in the mont

Everything Wrong With Wonderland $Time and How You Can Profit From It

Disclaimer: Your funds are your responsibility. All information in this article is reflecting my own investing strategy and should not be…

Great Opportunities Opening Up For POS Projects

DeFi Is Great But POS Still Has Benefits With the shift to DeFi over the past year or two, POS coins have taken a bit of a back seat.…

Today is the first day where Crypto & NASDAQ are not correlated!

Hi HODLers, We all know that raising interest rates are bad for risk-on assets and despite our digital gold narrative for Bitcoin…

How to connect to the Fantom Network?

▶️ Watch on 3Speak In this video we will go through how to connect to the Fantom Opera Network in less than 2 minute

DHF proposal to incentivize SWAP.HBD:SWAP.BUSD pool

We are all getting used to a new world of Decentralized Finance. Providing liquidity in pairs brings value to the network. As @edicted…

Solana(Sol) Nosedive Exacerbated by the Recent Network Outage


IceBlock (ICEBLK) Whitepaper

Breaking The Ice On DeFi: This week the new IceBreak token (BRK) was introduced as the native incentive and reward token for our…

Actifit 2022 - Year of Growth!

We are excited to present you with some of our plans for 2022. As many of you are aware, Actifit has been an ongoing project rewarding…

Low SWAP:HIVE liquidity

I was a bit surprised to see a low liquidity for SWAP:HIVE, normally it's Hive that's lacking in this department. I supposed the price of…

Troubleshooting LEO/bLEO to CUB

Cryptoart @nftshowroom

Want discounted Ethereum or Luna? Then Kujira is for you!

Image created with Canva Pro Want discounted Ethereum or Luna? Then Kujira is for you! A lesser known investment opportunity within…

Pancake Token & CubDefi: Taking Great Advantage of The Dip

If you found CAKE token when the value was above $40, you will appreciate it at $7. I found CAKE when the value was $40 and I wished I…

Fantom Overtakes Binance Smart Chain to Become Third Lagest Defi Chain

(Source) Evening Fantom has been making headlines, as it has overtaken Binance Smart C

How and Why We're Deploying Capital Into Thorchain Liquidity Pools

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Thorchain is adding a lot of interesting developme

Bitcoin Krach, so what? Weren't you "here for the technology" ?

Hi HODLers, Let's face it, we have had quite a few difficult days lately with Bitcoin and risk-on assets crashing over the past…

Slingshot "2099" NFT Drop Is Happening Today

A while back I wrote about Slingshot and how you can use it to get the most out of your trades. Since then the platform kept evolving…