LEO Tokenomics

Who wants a bidirectional bridge from Lightning Sats to and from Hive or HBD and back?

I've done a huge amount of work on @podping (thank you so much to the DHF for the funding). At the end I'm asking if you want a service…

My Weekly Progress Report - 28.07.2021

Hello there. Periodically I create reports showing the financial and numerical values ​​and status of my account. This post will be about…

Play To Earn - Democratizing The Future Of Gaming

Image Source The Big Fish In Town The talk of the blockchain right now

What have we done?

Hello, First of all, I think you are all fine during this pandemic time. I hope to write a summary (I wish this might be a summary) about…

I've Accumulated 56 HP in a Week

source Last week today, I shared that I reached 500 Fixed HP. I saved 56,382 HP more in 1 week. My fixed HP amount was 55

ROSEON FINANCE PRICE ACTION( Technical and Fundamental analysis)

Hey ROSEON FINANCE community. Here's a chart showing the price action of ROSN/USDT on tab trader. I carried out a lot of technical…

The Rose that Emits the Most Vibration

Hello hive leoFinance Family Everything your eye sees has a vibration. Just as living beings have vibration, everything we call…


Roseon Finance is a hybrid solution that bridges decentralized (DeFi) and centralized financial services (CeFi). Acting as the gateway to…

Ethereum Gas Explained

The amount of computing work required to accomplish particular operations on the Ethereum blockchain is measured in gas. The name itself…


source Cubdefi has been going bullish last week and we are expected to see more bullish movements. I think people are begi

Chainswap : Another Defi Exploit

Second attack on chainswap within a month, just on July 2, chainswap incurred $800,000 worth of damages. Currently they are facing an $8…

Extra Energy From New York Power Plant Will Be Used To Mine Bitcoin

Another win for bitcoin mining with renewable energy. A historical hydroelectric power plant based in New York is mining Bitcoin from the

Why HEX Price is Rising & Discouraging Dips

People are excited about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies but ignorant of the fact that they are other things far more exciting going on…

How to buy CUBdefi using trustwallet

I have been blogging and spreading the word the best I can on CUBdefi. Just Yesterday after my Church Service, I met a man and we got…

My Weekly Progress Report - 14.07.2021

Hello there. Periodically I create reports showing the financial and numerical values ​​and status of my account. This post will be about…

Cubdefi Finanl 3 Vaults Is Live

In the event of completing Cubdefi’s 7/7 kingdom vaults launch, the remaining vault has been launched by the Cubdefi team. These vaults

Saito: Web 3 Grant: Milestone 1 Accepted

The Saito team are proud to announce that Milestone One of our we

Podping is ready for HF25: here's what we did

Just over a week and a half ago the @podping Dapp which I'm championing stopped working for a few hours. That was its first stoppage since…

Bondly Finance: Another Weekly Defi Attack or Rug pull

Defi attack is beginning to be a weekly occurrence activity. The unfortunate project to be the centre of attraction for this week’s defi…

3speak is now Podping'ing and docker image being worked on

Docker Image Podping has been running with one brief interruption since May! Since it was turned on as a live beta it was updated only…