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FIVE years to Mars with HIVE. Are you with me HIVE Community ?

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HiveSQL back to free for all developpers and users!

Good news for all HiveSQL developers and users: after a short switch to subscription mode, its use is free again! What's happened? For…

Clearing the Air After Openly Questioning Those in Power

I'm not on this network to kiss influential or wealthy peoples' asses, nor am I here to twist narratives or tales in the favour of my own…

DHF Proposal Funding Returned to HIVE Developer Community as HBD Stabilizer Scaled Back!

After what ended up amounting to an interesting experiment and a somewhat demoralizing shakeup within the HIVE developer community for a…

Win $50 worth HIVE

Only 7 hours to go! Earlier today, I published Day 27 of [Community Driven,

HiveSQL Update - New proposals tables

There has been a lot of discussion about the proposals recently, especially about the proposals relating to the @hbdstabilizer project…

Reflecting on my Steem failures : Builder has to be smarter than beggars.

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Community Driven. Results Focused. Hive Twitter Marketing (organised by @NathanMars)

Updated on 3rd May. The final version will available on 1st June to get brutally honest feedback from our community. A startup that…

Data On HBDStabilizer | HBD Received And Sent To The Hive.Fund

The @hbdstabilizer account is trying to bring back the peg of the HBD to the dollar. It receives HBD from the DAO/DHF and sells it on the…

Proposal for Hive Promotion on Twitter

The goal of this proposal is to improve our Hive Twitter marketing effort. If approved, it will be used to gain access to Twitter…

Top-Ten Guidelines For Crypto

Preface: As you may or may not know, @lordbutterfly is being paid a pretty penny out of the Hive dev fund coffers to do some marketing…

Is creating new tokens a hobby?

Since Bitcoin dominance and bearish (short-time) behaviour has dumped almost all altcoins in the market, I'm done watching Youtube videos…

How much would it cost to attack the HIVE and STEEM DAOs?

You really only have to look at Steem's DAO to see one account effectively killed the entire thing. One account, dev365, has 35M powered…

Why Community Driven Marketing Is Valuable To Hive and Why You should Consider Voting For Nathanmars DHF Proposal For Our Community

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Almost got that 18H Work Day in Software Engineering.. Getting Pretty Bushed.

Got the footer price ticker to cycle between USD and BTC base pairs for


DLUX Airdrop Announcement 2 We've previously announced our first Airdrop with a promise for a few more ways to earn some of DLUX…

30 Day Challenge: Let’s work together as a community to validate the unique DAO proposal 170

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Happy May. I’m introducing this 30 Day challenge called #CommunityStartup170 so that we as community work…

May 2021 : Update + AMA

As a HIVE witness, I have done a few AMA's on HIVE and HIVE-Twitter but never done a witness update before. So let this be my first…