LEO Tokenomics

More Rewards For Delegators? .:. WorkerBee PH-Pool Week 50

I will be short in this dividends distribution report and share with you 2 important pieces of news about the pool and rewards... The…

Over 20% Buyback Wall Complete

Total tokens Sold 35720 Buybacks 7232 After 2 weeks we have a buyback order for over 20% of all tokens sold. These are just the…

Dividend Payouts Start

After a successful Buy in period the dividend stage has started. We will now be removing all remaining tokens from the sell market. If…

#PassiveIncome Dividends received in December 2021

Here are my top dividends paid in December. In total I received €90,48 passive income from dividends in December. How was your…

Opportunity or The End? .:. WorkerBee PH-Pool Week 48

Sorry, but I have to write about the current state in the cryptosphere... Everyone is panicking, running to the woods... Those who have no…

Gambling Dapp Dividends Report | 1st Week of 2022

I am keeping close track of my Gambling Dapp Portfolio that includes BFG (Betfury.io), WIN (

HIVE Pump Makes Mess on Hive-Engine Market .:. WorkerBee PH-Pool Week 46

I don't want to sugarcoat the story, but after a record amount of mined tokens last week, the reality hit back and balance out the…

Dividend ETF or Dividend Stocks?

I invest in both ETFs and single dividend stocks, which do you like best? Dividend ETF Positives Saves time, no work to do…

The Power of FOMO .:. WorkerBee PH-Pool Week 49

At the beginning just a clarification of this title... In any way, I don't encourage anyone here to FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) into…

Gambling Dapp Dividends Report | +13.5% Increase

I am keeping close track of my Gambling Dapp Portfolio that includes BFG (Betfury.io), WIN (

Getting Closer on LEO and DHEDGE...

In crypto as in life, one of the best things you can do is to set goals for yourself. These can become a yardstick and a north star giving…

2 New Members in the Pool! .:. WorkerBee PH-Pool Week 47

Happy New Year, swimmers! :) It's time for distributing some BEE tokens for the first time in 2022... We have mined 14 BEE tokens more…