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The Most Popular Elon Musk vs Binance Tweets Today

Video Guide 00:00:00 Intro 00:00:41 BTC chart 00:02:24 Elon and CZ 00:06:27 Doge chart 00:07:02 Cardano update 00:07:48 ADA chart…

Las continuas fallas de Binance llaman la atención de Elon Musk

El CEO de Binance recibió comentarios de Elon Musk en su twitter después de que la plataforma ha

Everyone is looking for dog coins "Shiba and Doge"

Whoever thinks that cryptocurrency “meme” is useless and only a few people care about it at this stage, need to evaluate his expectations…

Binance has had issues with Dogecoin withdrawals

The root motive was a technical difficulty associated to the old transactions of Binance users, and the trouble extended to the…

How to Get Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Other Cryptocurrencies from the Telegram App

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Shiba reached support, good news for NY residence

After decreasing by 50% since its all time high shiba inu (shib) has reached the first potential bounce area. As it's official,shiba…

Will This Be The Last Month Until The Official Release Of Pulse???

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Road to 500 Subscribers I talk about updates of pulse, assets supporting pulse, an

Crypto: What is CATE Coins? It is better than Shiba Inu token as they claim? Should you buy?

CATE COINS Catecoin is a cat-themed decentralized meme based cryptocurrency which gives stage to meme creators. They propelled Catecoin…

Bat crypto 50% up

Bat touches 50% high which is good sign of bullish ness ![Screenshot_2021-10-30-0

Doge Dash: new Play to Earn 2D video game for mobile market, a brief introduction.

Introduction I watched this cute game on YouTube, it is a 2 dimensional game, perfect for mobile. It’s a simple game of a dog run

Fast Food Giant Burger King Collaborates With Robinhood And Distributes Crypto Assets To Its Customers

Burger King, one of the world's largest fast food giants, is partnering with Robinhood to distribute cryptocurrencies to its customers.…

Dog coins Moon

Much Smart, Much Moon. If 1 shiba coin hits 1$ and i have 1 Million Tokens it will be like i have 50k $. Much wow After I read this I…

▶️ Should You Buy Doge Or Shiba Token? | EP#481

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Doge coin and Shiba token continue to keep getting so much media attention and hy

📈 Daily TA: Dogecoin (DOGE/USD) | 27-10-2021

Hodl, dear members of LeoFinance! Today, I would like to comment on the price chart of Dogecoin . In the daily chart (1D)…

Which Crypto with "No Future" Has Been Around for 8 Years? DOGECOIN.

By this time, everyone with a Hive acc

Dog Coins? Why is NO ONE Talking About Cat Coins??

After reading the recent post by @karinxxl, and their take on dog coins without fundamentals [dominating crypto the past several months](

5 lakh req. For listing shiba inu in Robinhood.

5 lakh + req has been signed in change.org for listing of shiba inu in Robinhood

Why I purchased some Shiba Inu coin?

Most of us are in this crypto world to increase our stake or holdings. There are many whales out there who want to double or triple their…

Will Doge return to rise next year?

The touchstone of any of the main cash is the reputation and the wave of fans that revolve round it. The same applies to Dogecoin price as…

Dogecoin To The Moon! - Literally

If you think that you heard it all and the world can not get weirder, then you should look again. What can be weirder than a Metaverse…