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Why Dow Jones Industrial stock price getting down

On Monday the financial exchange is set for a lower open. Dow Jones Industrial Average fates have dropped 101 focuses . USA and China…

Steigende Lohnstückkosten auf breiter Front

Die Lohnstückkosten steigen stark und machen Deutschland unattraktiv Deutschland ist ja bekanntlich eines der Exportweltmeis

Amazon new CEO Andy Jassy get 61,000 offers

Source:< The award addresses a monetary affirmation of a high-need administration change for one of the world's top innovation…

Inflation’s silver lining: higher salaries


Suezkanal und die Spätfolgen

Das Nadelöhr von Europa Vor einiger Zeit gab es auf der meist befahrenen Seestraße der Welt einen folgenreichen Unfall. Der Suezkanal i

Salaries of Lebanon Soldiers Being Pushed Below Poverty Line

A general recently told CNBC that the Lebanon military needs $100 million in order to cover their basic needs for soldiers as the…

Hiding your money in a decentralized economy

Hello Hive The earlier you get exposed and stay updated with the recent economic and financial knowledge the closer you become to…

New Battery Technology for cheaper Products

A new generation of low-cost batteries The future market of battery technology is hotly contested and now the first real alternatives to l