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The Fed meeting was just the calm before the storm.

Hi all... Today the most awaited meeting of the year took place, the meeting that could make the markets fall or lift. Although I was…

Back to the House

Today, I heard something from a friend that I didn't know existed and it might not actually exist, at least publicly. We were talking…

What's the impact of action-less Fed's statements on borrowers

The statement that came out yesterday from the US Fed was quite a dampener for stock markets. Yesterday, before the statement came out…

Amplified values

This week is "Sales Kick Off" week, Which as a global event aimed at the company sales department and associated business functions, and…

The Green Floor

I went to the office today for the first time in over a week and was almost immediately bombarded with price questions, even though they…

20% Hybrid

I was asked an interesting series of questions today by a friend who is questioning not only their career, but also the way they approach…

Burying Gold

While the price has been sliding significantly, I have been taking the opportunity to stack a little more SPS, on top of

Is Humanity ready for 100% digitalization?

Digitalization is one of the biggest challenges everywhere. It is claimed that the United States has already 60 percent digitalized. I'm…

It's all relative, unless you need to live off it

There is a fair bit of red the last few days - well, the last few weeks really, as the markets have slid away. However, it is good to note…

Basic strategy using Donchian Channels [EN-ES]

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A Volatile Crypto Revolution

In a conversation today, people were talking about the crypto market volatility and how crazy it was, even though it is correlated to the…

Dropped from up High

Seems that even though we are almost a month into 2022 - I still have to work. That wasn't part of the plan. But hey, when the hell…

Crypto's Aggressive Investment Looks Inflation in the Eye

graphic courtesy of macrotrends.net Without a doubt, there are those that have considered the high inflationary environment a time to…

This crypto market collapse is temporary like all the others

HIVE has lost almost 80% since the jump we had a couple months ago, so now probably isn't a great time to sell for fiat. But after 4.5…

Why Crypto is crashing: Bitcoin vs. Stocks

Warum Krypto gerade crasht: Bitcoin vs. Aktien Es gibt einen Grund, zwei Wörter, warum Bitcoin und die meisten Kryptowährungen derzeit…

"Limited Inflation" Expected in Turkey

Things are getting worse economically for people in Turkey and that means that the poor especially are going to suffer in this region as…


I recently went to a job interview and had to wait almost eight hours to get interviewed, the crazy thing about this was that it was a…

¿Sólo es cuestión de publicar? | Opinión sobre la bajada

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A Career Of Predicting The Stock Market Crash

This hasn't been a good week for a number of stocks and there are some who have suggested that this might be the beginning of a huge…

Cost comparison: Better to make granola at home or buy it ready-made? (ESP-ENG)

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