LEO Tokenomics

Hype for the Metaverse continues with exorbitant amounts of money changing hands.

A leading figure in world finance and economics gives his opinion on the matter.

A Prefect Partnership - Should Hive Sponsor a Cohort of Students?

The blockchain and cryptocurrency space is a fast-paced, innovative, changing environment. It could impact all industries and make changes…

A Crypto Journey: Hive - Elrond - NFT’s

Writing about crypto is not my strongest suit being it doesn’t flow as naturally as other topics I write about.

To each his/her own (crypto projects)

New people coming into the game of crypto investment tend to see it as part gambling and part short-term investment. Seriously, I think…

Creating the habits of savings in children.

Photo credit Financial education is very important , it is good to hav

No empire lasts forever' says the famous Ray Dalio in the face of a projected economic catastrophe in the United States.

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Cryptocurrencies on the rise as fear of Covid Omicron variant wanes.

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Earn Diamonds and Candy

This year we've witnessed many retrospective Airdrops from a couple of projects, I think it started from Uniswap if I'm right. Uniswap…

What Happens When Countries Go Bankrupt?

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New COVID variant raises concerns and impacts cryptocurrencies.

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The Metaverse project is already heating up Cryptos and NFTs.

Hello dear friends of leofinance, I hope you are all very well. Today I bring you some information that confirms some of the projections…


BOOTING THE COMPUTER SYSTEM At the end of this lesson, you will be able to; (i) define the terms “booting” and “shut-down”. (ii)…

Hive is a liveable blockchain ecosystem nation because...

There have been talks about viewing cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects as nations. See [this](

Now that Hive price pumped, time to earn more Hive by writing: 3 quick tips for structuring your Hive posts for better readability

Image Source I think you will need this. There are ways to structure your posts such t

America Needs To Start Spending It's Money More Responsibly, We Are In Decline

To be competitive, America has to invest in: #infrastructure #jobs program that includes #training for unskilled workers…

IDOs Multi-chain Launchpad for Better ROI

Metaverse and NFT projects are making millionaires on a daily basis than any other business model, there are hundreds of promising and…


Source [ENGLISH] MONEY MARKET Maybe you've heard the term MONEY MARKET before, but what is the real Mo

The 8th of November is International Radiology Day.

Roentgen Discovers X-Rays on November 8, 1895. source: On November 8, 1895, Roentgen fo

What's Your Take On $DAR

The moment I saw 15000% about $Dar, I was really Awed. Many thoughts and wishes ran through my head. You can call it…

Can you get FREE stuff from 100-200 companies?

Can you? Well, this guy says HE CAN. He sit down, made a list and contacted I believe 200 companies ( as stated in video) to get free…