LEO Tokenomics

Stacking Hive: Farming Hive by trading

I am trying a new strategy. The aim is to stack as many Hive as I can. Given that I already have some Hive powered up and that "ski

Selling Is A Social Game. How's Your Game?

Click to Subscribe to TL2ICM Being a Shy Person… You would never think that a shy person can

Sub-standard and expensive education

Getting proper education anywhere in the world is pretty expensive. I did a lot of research when I was trying to get my information…

Twitter post and thread: How to lose money in crypto?

This is a tweet that features how people lose money. It is worth a quick look. Could everyone do me a favor and comment below your…

Knowledge Isn't Power.

Before you doubt and crucify my title, look at it again. Then allow me to explain further in this post. [Source](

Technical Analysis Lessons: Candlestick charts

Risk Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor, trading is risky

Technical Analysis Lessons: Support and Resistance

Risk disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor, trading involves risk, trade at your own risk. I am not responsible for your profit and…


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Online learning is not what you think.

Online learning is many things, but here are 5 things that it is NOT… 1/ Recorded videos 🎥 The first wave of edtech was about making…


Don't scare your people by telling them about decentralization and how blockchain oracles might be used to power artificial intelligence…


Culture is dynamic as we all know. In the Western World, culture is often associated with such things as good breeding and finesse in…

The human mind - Everything you need to know

source Concept of the human mind The concept of the human mind refers to a set of abilities related to discrimination, perception…

Crypto money laundering and how valuable are stolen NFT's

So, in yesterday's newsletter, Blockworks wrote about money laundering and this is what he discussed about. One of the points discussed…

[ENG-ESP] Personal finance for noobs: DIY Personal Budget

ENGLISH What's up Hivers? Here we are, as promised: **Chapter 2 of personal finance, The personal bud
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New semester, new energy

Good day to everyone on the hive platform. I trust that we are all doing okay. Today, I decided to resume school for the new semester.…

Consequences of Raising Federal Reserve Interest Rates

*Below is a piece of academic writing I did for an Economics class. The prompt was to hypothesize and analyze what would happen if the Fed…

Small Cap Stocks First Half 2021

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Hello everyone! Welcome to my first video! Here we show daily clips

Financially problem distress for poor's

Poverty is a serious problem of all our the world It has made the life a constant pain for the most human beings. Poverty has been one…

Index Funds are also a part of crypto so here is a basic explanation of what they are

From what I've experienced so far, I found out that sometimes you can be absorbed into a domain, even though you don't understand all the…


CONTENT GUIDE: Cryptocurrency Definition. Blockchain Definition. Working Principle Of A Cryptocurrency. Introduction To…