LEO Tokenomics

Pre-Market 10/18

▶️ Watch on 3Speak It is a sea of red. All three indexes look like they are opening down. Gold is also pai

The Thirst For Oil Keeps Growing

Have you noticed how oil is demonized and basically left for dead? We all know the push to replace fossil fuels is on and many nations…

The Macro Moment: Watch The Flow Of Energy Around The World

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Energy is vital for economic growth. Without it, economies are goi

Clean energy or an uncomfortable deception?

[World Energy Trade](


LasseCash is GREEN ENERGY All LasseCash services runs on very little resources and very little power consumption, the energy consumption…

Prodávám jen o kousek výše!

Právě jsem si naposílal většinu svých kryptoměn na Coinmate.Io Budu prodávat. Cena je relativně vysoká. Nemyslím si, že cena má…

The UK's Energy Crises - Speaks to my Inner Socialist!

The UK is currently facing an energy crises caused by the recent rapid increase in natural gas prices compounded by a number of other…

Volcanic Power the newest energy source for mining

Mining in the crypto world is important, especially for coins that rely on transactions using Proof Of Work. From the condition that

News. October 6, 2021. The European Energy Crisis

The price of energy in Europe has increased dramatically in the past few months. According to this article , electricity has reached…

How The Energy Crisis In Europe Is Decreasing Market Competition

Europe is suffering through an energy crisis [currently and it is getting worse](